User Videos and Audio (Closed)

Gimme Shelter on the INSTRUMENT 1 ft. Mick Jager (3)
Community Roundup (June) - OPEN CALL (1)
Here, There and Everywhere by The Electromagnetics (Original used I1 for most parts) (1)
Midwest Surf by The Electromagnetics (orig song, prod on I1) (2)
Where Did They Go by The Electromagnetics (original song) (10)
INTRAVERSE by The Electromagnetics (5)
Shelter - INSTRUMENT 1 Cover (1)
Radioactive (with paired Banjo & 'Soft Pad,' from ThumbJam/MusicStudio) (4)
Freebird solo on the INSTRUMENT 1! (5)
Set Fire to the Rain - Adele cover (5)
She Can't See Me by The Electromagnetics (Original Song) (1)
Bubbly - I1 cover (1)
Brave Open Love (original song) (4)
Traveling and playing Bob Marley (10)
Custom Drum tuning using Bridge Fills! (6)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Ukulele & Whistle (2)
Dichromatism by The Electromagnetics (I1 in guitar/tap modes for most parts) (4)
If I Laugh - INSTRUMENT 1 Cover (3)
Brazilian TecMundo Performances (1)
All this Noise by The Electromagnetics(tap mode, mostly) (2)
Community performances (6)
This CG video I made, playing one of our recent songs using an artiphon (pad mode) (3)
More ThumbJam ‘Harp’ - Going to California (11)
ThumbJam 'Harp' meanderings - Off She Goes, rolling into 'Jesu, Joy...' (1)
THE ARTIPHON EP by The Electromagnetics (1)
Ventus Spiriti by The Electromagnetics used I1 (1)
Artiphon First Play (1)
'Star Spangled Banner' - via the new GeoShred 2 app (3)
Fast strumming on Instrument 1 (8)
Bow Mode Video and Blog Post (1)