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Not terribly proud of the quality of either the audio, video or the performance itself, but it’s made, so I might as well share. This was an open-mic appearance in Morgan Hill, CA, a week after I rcv’d my I1; we do one every Wednesday, 6-9pm. Funny thing is, the guy MC’ing the thing said ‘NO MORE’ after this one, as it goes against his rule of it being an ‘acoustic’ open-mic (whereafter he lets someone go up after me with an electronic keyboard (!/?/!/?), and will likely continue to do so. But he insists my I1 is a ‘guitar,’ and since he always turns away the guys coming in with Les Pauls, Tele’s & Strat’s, he just can’t make a special accommodation for me (after 3 years of loyally supporting his events), in the off chance one of those guys shows up on a given night (plus we have guys on-hand taking pics & videos of us playing, which they post on the open-mic FB page. God forbid they show one of me playing my I1 there, & giving these rockers ‘ideas’!). Kinda crazy, but there it is.

Anyway, my video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckq2XJ7hGHo