Anyone receive Orba yet?


Has anyone out there received their ORBA yet???


Not yet, but my reservation was around number 5000.


No :frowning:


Not yet.

Sadly I don’t know much myself since I plunked down money for two directly from them.

Since I did not back the KS I don’t get to see anything myself. As I see it, KS It is not designed to be a companies primary CRM software. I am in limbo because I have received the same emails/Instagram DMs. I still think it would be good idea for them to send a blanket update to the direct backers.

In the end, I am not mad at all and sure I would love to be making music but we are in the middle of trade war and a pandemic.

Now we wait.



Am I not seeing this right or did all our previous comments poof away for the update? Might like this update though. Forum looks nice.


No? Where is it???


I received a note that mine shipped 4 days ago (but it doesn’t look like it was actually picked up by USPS yet).