Artiphon 1 not working with Windows+Ableton


Hi All, just received my Artiphon instrument 1 and no matter what I try it’s just not communicating with Ableton. Tried everything on the video with no success. Tried a couple tips from here about opening ableton first then the editor app, and so far its nothing. Ableton detects the Instrument 1 but marks it in orange, meaning there’s something wrong.

Any tips? this is kinda ridiculous haha


Hey Oxam,

You’ll actually want to make sure only one of those two programs (Ableton or the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor) are open at a time. If you have both open at once Windows won’t be able to route MIDI properly to either of them.

Let me know if that helps or not.



Hi, Oxam
Sorry to hear you’re feeling frustrated. The Instrument 1 is very unique in many ways and we have all had to learn how to get it going. Once you do, it’s great.
I would suggest (from personal experience) that you connect your I1 to your pc, turn it on and then run the Artiphon Instrument 1 Editor. You won’t hear any sounds as you choose the preset you want to use e.g. Guitar or keyboard but you have to do this first. Then exit Editor and launch your Ableton. Now you should be able to play the I1. If not, there is something technically glitched that you’ll need Technical Support for.
Hope this helps you to get up and playing.
Neill Graham