Artiphon for Home Movie Soundtracks


Hello Artiphon community. I’m a new-ish music maker, I go by Papa Tone. I’ve been learning for about a year, starting first with Ableton, then Push 2, and now Artiphon. My use for the Artiphon is primarily to help me set out chords for soundtracks to our home movies. This is my first effort:

A Beginner’s Soundtrack - With Artiphon 1

Included in the video is imagery of the various tools and pieces of software I used to get this result. I am pleased with the Artiphon, although I must admit I am blown away by people who use it for live performance. I have to do a fair amount of cleanup to the stuff I play in because I have a very basic kind of guitar-type skill. That’s of course totally normal in a studio setting, but I hope someday I’m good enough to just play it right the first time.

If you want to see the home movie in question without the little inserted windows, you can view it here.

Puddle Jumpin’

Loving what everyone’s sharing here. Keep making that music kids.

Papa Tone


That was just lovely. Thanks so much for sharing it.


Great job! You have really reinforced the emotions of video through music. I was imagining that you could even create series of videos with different music using the same footage. But the tone and style you selected really created a lovely sentimental and loving portrait!


Thanks for watching/listening.


They’re good boys. It’s nice when parenthood can be so inspiring.


That was really touching, both the song and the clip.