Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor App/ Sound Generators for Mac and PC (beta)


For urgent support issues please send an email to [email protected] so it goes directly to our team.

If you are new to music software and use a Mac please try our pre- configured GarageBand session as an easy way to get started:

Artiphon GarageBand Staff Picks Session and Instructions

For Mac and Windows users our Native Instruments (free) Kontakt Player sounds are also a good starting point:

Artiphon Staff Picks for Native Instruments Kontakt Player (Mac and PC)

Installation Instructions

To customize your presets, create your own playing techniques and tunings, please download the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor:

Artiphon iOS App and INSTRUMENT 1 Editor App for Mac and PC (beta)

Platform: Mac OS X, Windows PC
Available for free here:

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor (currently in beta) is an interface for customizing the settings of your INSTRUMENT1. Combine techniques, tunings, and features to create and save custom presets. Control how your INSTRUMENT 1 interfaces with MIDI-enabled software (such as Ableton Live, Logic, and Pro Tools) on your Mac or PC.

iOS users, please install the Artiphon app:

Platform: iOS 9 and later
Available for free here:

This is the iOS companion app for the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1. Connect the INSTRUMENT 1 device to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using the provided USB-to-Lightning cable, download the Artiphon app, and immediately start exploring and combining an intuitive palette of musical sounds, techniques, and features.

Recommended third-party iOS Music Making Apps:

This is a list of third-party iOS music apps that we recommend for playing with the INSTRUMENT 1. The key features of each app are described as well as necessary steps to configure them with the INSTRUMENT 1.

We invite you to share feedback here or via [email protected]. Thanks!


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The Artiphon Preset Editor, Beta v0.160, is now available for download here:

What’s new?

  • Major and minor bug fixes
  • Adding drag to INSTRUMENT 1 for presets
  • Drag to rearrange preset ordering
  • Makes the “Save to instrument” work correctly



The Artiphon Preset Editor, Beta v0.20, is now available for download here:

What’s new?

Major and minor bug fixes
Adding folder structure
Adding factory preset status
Adding installers for Mac and Windows


Hi. I am interested in this editor but my OS is still 10.8.5 as I use Protools 10… moving to PT 11 or 12 would remove quite a few plug ins… guess that day is coming soon

how ever my work around is to program the user setting on the iPhone then connect the instrument to protools, then start protools… if I remove the instrument to re program it … protools will not re-enstate the instrument on midi… so i need to restart protools…

I am having a good time learning what the instrument is best at…


Hi! Have you tried to install the Mac Preset Editor on OSX 10.8.5? We have not tested this but it may very well work just fine.


Hi… yes I tried… It just sits there with a question mark…


I will check with the development team if there is maybe a workaround.


I’ve got Staff Picks working in Kontakt 5.6.1 in Live 9.7 on OS X 10.11.5.

Multi-channel is on, but notes from all strings go to the first instrument in the rack. I’ve tried various Staff Picks racks and presets.


Robert, this is unfortunately a restriction Ableton Live. In Ableton, the midi channel information is filtered out in the track. In other DAWs like Logic or Bitwig studio this is handled correctly but for Ableton we can only wait for an update, use single channel mode, or build a session with 6 tracks with midi channels 2- 7 assigned as input channels. Like this:


Arrgh. Same problem I encountered before with the QuNexus. Then this isn’t much use to me. Can I return it for a refund?


Robert, please contact [email protected] via email about a refund. Thank you!