Artiphon not turning on


wont turn on, charger blinks blue when charging but it still won’t turn on after charging for a good while?


Hi, can you confirm that you’re using the provided power adapter and that it’s correctly assembled like in the gif on our troubleshooting page?

Although other power adapters may fit the charging port, they can have very different electrical properties and may damage the INSTRUMENT 1.


I am using the corerect charger it just stopped working yesterday and now it won’t turn on at all


Probably one for [email protected]; does the I1 charging light show at all (normally blue) when it’s supposed to be charging?


the light turns on but the actual lights on the artiphon (white lights) don’t turn on and now my device no longer recognizes it


Is the charging light blue or green? If blue, it may be worth charging till it shows green and seeing whether that makes any difference. Otherwise I don’t have any obvious ideas; it sounds like it’s one where you’ll probably want to drop a line to [email protected] so they can work with you one-to-one to figure it out.


it’s blue and at one point it turned green today but then it immediately dropped to read then off without actually turning on I figure it’s battery is fried


Hi Brock. Thanks for letting us know. Shoot an email to [email protected] and we’ll get to the bottom of it. Cheers, sir. –Jacob


sent three emails over the last two weeks, no response


Hi Brock,

Thanks for reaching out. Please check your spam folder, as sometimes emails from unrecognized accounts get routed there. I will personally follow up from the Support account shortly.

– Luke


yea it’s not in my spam


Sorry to revive such an old thread, however, I just purchased an open box model Instrument 1 from ebay. I am having this same issue with the power. When I plug it in, the power light turns blue. However it won’t power up. I let it charge for 3 hours. The power light eventually started alternating red and blue. But I still cannot get the Instrument to power on.


I’ve sometimes had the red-and-blue thing for no obvious reason, and then unplugged the charger and plugged it back in and it resumes charging normally with the steady blue light. When it’s fully charged (which takes a few hours) the light changes to green, but even on a partial charge it should at least be powering on. And you should be able to power on and use it normally while it’s charging; if that’s not happening there might be something wrong with the battery (maybe left discharged for a long time? I don’t know what effect that has) or the charger.


Thanks for the response. Thanks for confirming that I should be able to use it while charging. When I received it, the power was in the “On” position. I hope there is something I can do to get it working. I would hate to think I paid decent money for a broken device. But, I guess it is what it is. Hopefully one of the admins will offer a solution. I would really love to use this device.