Bass guitar right-hand technique


Is there any way to keep the string my right-hand fingers land on from incorrectly triggering?


Ah, we had a thread on this just last week; unfortunately the Method Sensitivity setting just determines the velocity of the note triggered, not the degree of pressure needed to trigger it at all, which I imagine is even more of an issue for bassists than guitarists. But for what it’s worth, my own experience (as a non-bassist) is that bass is one of the instruments where the I1 really shines in MPE tap mode, so you may find that you don’t really need your hard-won right-hand bass skills. iFretless Bass is very good with the I1, and for acoustic bass I particularly love ROLI’s Double Bass and Bow patch (free in Seaboard 5D, part of the Hybrid Acoustic IAP in Noise, and bundled in the Factory set in Equator; Seaboard and Equator need some MIDI tweaking to access the fake bow effect through Artiphon tilt, but the “bow” is a bit of a gimmick add-on anyway).