Can I not set chords to the fretboard for one button strummings?


I can’t play guitar, I play keyboard…

I literally bought this thing for that ONE feature that apparently doesn’t even exist; or does it? Maybe I am looking in the wrong spots somehow.


Please find the answer here:


Like what’s the point of this thing then? Why a tap board? But no way to play chords unless you have them memorized?


I’ve never been let down this much; if I could just express the hours of studying, watching, waiting, planning, saving all just for this. The one feature I needed to be real a medi guitar I could strum and a programmable fret board which you advertised but without clarifying that if you don’t know chords you’re pretty much screwed.


All you have to do is set open the fretboard to strumming and change the strum strings when each placed chord is pressed; just like it does now when all strings buttons are pressed. That is it, literally. Just let us fill up the fret bar with chord triggers.


Wanting so much to play this strumming without memorizing chords (which are very hard to play and hurt my hand as it is because the fretboard is so wide);