CAN I really not assign chords to the fretboard for one button chords, so I can strum the chord like a guitar?


As a default option, for those who want a default chord set, this can be done by presets which are assigned to keys. Two questions. What chords provide a reasonable base set? And should there be a default chord assignment?

As a base set, based on my guitar studies, I suggest the following in order of important: major, minor, dominant 7, minor 7, major 7. After that I suppose it’s what style you’re trying to play.

A nice alternative to having to specify all the notes for a chord, as in my previous post, would be to have a chord selector with the default/built in chords. This might be an added two selectors on the tuning page, one for the chord base, say G, and another for the type, say major or minor. But the ability to specify each note is more more flexible and should be retained.

As to the second question, the default chord assignment, there’s nothing that will satisfy everyone. The simplest might be to assign each fret row to a given chord base. That give 6 chords per row. Say the 5 I’ve listed above plus one other. Or only have 5. So the row near the nut would be A or C, depending on how you want to start. If it’s like a piano, it would be C. Followed by C#, D, D#, etc. A nice add on would be to allow the capo to cycle the frets. If the first was C, then the first capo setting would make the first C#, and so on.


I just wanna be able to pick my chords out of a library or add them; then place them where I want on the fret board.


And we could switch to normal guitar mode just at a button press.


The button press to switch should be easy since all you have to do is go to a different preset.

To be able to select a chord, and have some degree of flexibility, you’d need something like GuitarToolkit by Agile Partners uses. Here’s the link in AppShopper Take a look at the chord picker in one of the screenshots. Lots of other apps use a similar picker. For guitar chords, you need the base note, the chord type, and the starting fret. If any of the three are limited, not everyone will be satisfied. In my experience, jazz, folk, blues, pop, metal, etc. use quite different chord sets.

Plus there’s the complication that the starting frets available are not the same for all base notes. Then there are slash chords which also vary based on the base note.

I’m not saying that it’s not a nice idea and it certainly makes choosing a chord much easier, however I think it would be a lot more complicated to program and more conducive to bugs.

That said, what chords would you be interested in?


I’m not saying that wouldn’t be great in addition but something as simple as allowing us to assign some chords for strumming is a start, not unlike Real Guitar as you tried out.


We just need a chord library with preset chords and a chord picket like Real Guitar has; then litarlly any chords can be accommodated.


Say I place E chord on the fret board someplace; when I am holding down the button I put E chord on; I want the strum pad/strings to behave exactly as if I was holding down all the strings needed for E Chord. And the same for any chords. Should be able to have 2 modes one where we can place chords on any fret button location 12x6 or a more simple bar mode with 12 chords set out one for each fret.


I do understand what you want as a result. It’s the same result as I’m suggesting. What we’re discussing is the means to get there. I’ve looked at the free version of Real Guitar which, by the way, is a real pain to try out because every second move is interrupted by an ad. Their chord library picker is the same idea as GuitarToolkit but instead of having an additional picker for the starting fret, Real Guitar shows multiple entries for the chord. I may be wrong on this, but I don’t think Real Guitar has slash chords.

So while the end result is the same, to be able to strum a chord of 6 or fewer notes by pressing a single fret key, there are two approaches. One is being able to specify a series of note-octave pairs to be assigned to a fret key. The other is to have a chord picker with all chord types predefined.

I’m not going to venture a guess as to which would be easier to program or which is more conducive to be added to the current I1 firmware and app. Just on the surface, I see advantages to both.

Anyone else reading this thread, please chime in with your thoughts.


They could predefine a bunch for us to pick from in a chord library or just let us make em like Real Guitar. (I.e. You can mark placements for holding on fret board for whatever chord isn’t in the library to add it; did there are no slash chords in real guitar they can be added).


I really REALLY need this feature soon hehe; However I do wanna say, I’ve been having fun learning chords on the I1 thus far; it hurts my hand/wrist in diff ways than a normal guitar but I think I am working on some positions/postures that work.

So far I’ve memorized D, E, Em, C, C#, F, G, B, A and Am thus far(as a keyboardist I didn’t know any guitar chords); What order do people usually learn chords in? With like Em, A, D and G I was looking for chords nearby so I could also practice spidering/moving around the fret.


Looks like you’ve got a good base. I’ve been using Here’s his sequence of learning. Chapters of the Beginners Course are separated with a semicolon.

A, D, E; Am, Dm, Em; C, G; B7, C7, G7, Fmaj7 (as a cheat for F); A7, D7, E7; F (3 ways including barre)

From there he does an intro to Power Chords like G5, which I haven’t been able to do properly on the I1, and A, D, and E sus2 and sus4 chords. The course finishes off with a few slash chords.

The minor7 chords and major7 chords are usually around the major chords. So try Am7, Dm7, Em7, and Amaj7, Dmaj7, Emaj7.

His course does have sections on flexibility, speed changes, and how to change, like which fingers to move.


Awesome it’s that kind of correlation and connection that helps make learning guitar chords not as daunting.


Has anyone used Chord/PolyPad yet on iOS? I’m wanting to try it but see no free trial version.


Yes, it’s a bit pricey without a free version to try out first (particularly at Apple’s new Brexit prices…), but I’ve used it a bit with the I1 and it seems very versatile. I don’t think there’s anything else on iOS that does what it does.


“Would you rather be able to select a note location on the fingerboard and strum so that the chord is played from lowest to highest note or just get the full chord if strummed, tapped etc.?”

I’m not sure what you mean by “from lowest to highest note”—ideally we’d be able to select a location on the fretboard and have that reset the notes of the bridge pick-ups (so we’d assign one note to the first bridge string, another to the second, etc. to form whatever chords we want, and the most common chords would be available as presets).

If your second option means we’d tap a single fretboard location and it would play a chord, or a single pick-up on the bridge would play a chord… while that would be nice, it’s not a priority, especially since we can get the same effect using DAWs. We’d rather strum multiple bridge pick-ups so that their sounds in combination produce the chords.

Incidentally, my guitar slide work-around is still a literal pain for any song that doesn’t consist of just one type of chord. Can manage major and minor with difficulty, sus with significant discomfort, and mixing 7th chords with anything else seems impossible if you want to be able to strum all the bridge pick-ups for each chord. (Can still play it with the bottom 4 strings devoted to the 7th and the top 2 devoted to the non-7th notes, with the middle being the notes they have in common… but that doesn’t reproduce one of the best aspects of guitar playing, the ability to play the chord across two octaves for a fuller sound.)


A few different modes would be nice; in one we can put any chords we want anywhere in any order(along with some presets we can change) and a more versatile mode like the suggestion above. Personally I think I’d just Anna out chords where I want and switch to regular guitar mode when something else is needed.


I tried it your method, it’s likely just to advanced for me heh.


I went ahead and got it hehe; it’s just 12$; I made this with it


This is great! Thanks for the link – enjoying your back catalogue too (and the game of spot the Artiphon part)…


Neat stuff. Glad the I1 has found another good home.