CAN I really not assign chords to the fretboard for one button chords, so I can strum the chord like a guitar?


I just posted on this on another thread. I have been exploring this feature and why it seems simple but there are real problems. Thinking that “auto - barring” is the right answer. Just have a mode where touching one pad along a vertical set auto triggers all the notes at that fret. Maybe combine this with some arpegiation modes would get you there IMHO. When you think about it this would make a “technique” that is sooo difficult to master on a regular guitar extremely easy on the I1.


I feel I basically need to make a chart explaining why this needs added and why having it on the I1 would make the I1 the most interesting midi controller ever conceived. Already I do absurd work autochording with pads, now I need to be able to strum… come on give it to me please!!

If people wanna make it all complicated and jazz it up, make it a side mode or something. Let’s KEEP IT SIMPLE for this one mode.


A (but not the only) chord layout should be Stradella Bass, so that accordion players could transfer their left hand skills and/or skills learned on the I1 would transfer to a real instrument.


In a perfect world we would be able to put chords wherever we like but also various presets as above. :slight_smile:


Are chords assignable to the 6 strum buttons? (Don’t know what else to call them.)

I would like to tap the frets and use these for chords. I would also like then have reverb and arpeggiation available there


Why can’t you just use an open tuning and strum that?
Build a chord with a minor third, then fret the third up a semitone to make it major.

You could even use the capo function to modulate the chord, if you can move it fast enough.
Or you could clamp your hand down on the neck and get the different chords.


Not in the Artiphon app, but you can do it via Navichord or ChordPolyPad; see this thread for Navichord instructions. ChordPolyPad lets you set more of a strum-like effect, rather than just having the notes sound in perfect unison.


I love chordpolypad, it’s nice being able to tap chords but there’s no way to autochord strum unless Artiphon adds it. :frowning:


I think I log on here twice a day, just hoping for this. Give us some bread crumbs! :wink:


I have a mac now; I’m getting Logic in a couple of weeks; I’m still licking my $1k wound from the Mac atm; See what the I1 has done to me? haha.

So you are telling me with Chord Trigger in Logic; I can autochord right now using this plugin? ie actually strum the chords and not just pads? EDIT: I’ve been looking over videos this morning but alas it doesn’t really seem possible unless I am missing something.


Now that it’s public I can finally say; Thanks for implementing this guys! I and a lot of people really appreciate it. It’s amazing for song writing as I assumed it would be.

I would like to be able to assign chords to any fret pos though and have all the other ones behave as normal(that way I can play normal chord positions and then just use whatever for chords I’m still learning or more difficult ones like barred which I find too hard on the I1 a lot of times.


You’re welcome! Thank you for the feedback, keep it coming! Posts like these help us to know what’s important to you all and organize our backlog. The idea about a combination fretted + smart strum is a cool idea, we’ll look into it.


What is the status of this? As a new Artiphon user I am extremely disappointed to learn I cannot assign different notes to the frets in Guitar mode to strum my own chords. I am a keyboard player. I need to be able to strum chords - such as SUS4. No option in this instrument unless TAP mode and then no ability to strum. What is the status? Nearly the entire community is/has been asking for it and no update since August 17???


Well, most people seem to have been happy with Smart Strum as implemented – that’s why this is an old thread. But @ombilicdeslimbes came up with a clever way to roll your own custom chords using Midiflow on iOS in this thread.