Can only hear one chord with the smart strum mode


I’m trying to customize my instrument 1 so I can strum chords with the smart strum function, so I clicked on the smart strum “major guitar” preset and for some reason it only plays one chord, even if I put my finger in different frets. I’ve checked and it’s in pad mode and strum method. Please tell me what could be the problem?


That’s strange! The open strings and first fret are almost the same chord in that tuning (only the D string is different), but you’d certainly expect to hear different chords up the rest of the frets. Are you using internal iOS Artiphon app sounds or something else? (Not sure why that should make any difference, but it might suggest something…)


Hi, I’m using it with my mac (OSX High Sierra) running logic pro x. I’ve also checked and the firmware seems to be on the las updated version. I’ve already contacted support too, I’m waiting for their answer.


Yes, Artiphon support will certainly figure this out more easily than I can, but I can guess the first question they’ll ask: in Logic, what chord name displays in the toolbar when you play? Does it change at all when you finger a different fret, other than the usual minor Logic hesitations over chord variants? And does the Minor Guitar preset display a different chord name?


Hello Nick! support hasn’t responded yet. However answering your question the chord that shows on login when I strum the instrument in the smart strum ukulele preset is a G chord, and it shows the same on every fret of the pad mode.

This leads me to believe that somehow in this mode the fingerboard is bypassed for some weird reason.

I’ve also noticed that on the guitar preset, the first string which should sound as a E3 reproduces only an E4 on every fret. The other “strings” on the fingerboard work normally.


That’s very interesting and weird; is it possible that it’s something that’s happening in Logic? (I can’t think what that might be; I’ve tried various things I thought would confuse it, but it still recognises all the Smart Strum presets with me.) It might just be worth trying a different sound source if you haven’t already – maybe a free or demo synth like Syntorial or the demoes of FXpansion’s Cypher and Strobe. And does the fingerboard behave normally in tap mode, or do you still get the E in the wrong octave with the Tap Guitar preset?

I suspect Artiphon support may take longer than usual to respond at the moment because they’ve got CES and NAMM back-to-back and their big Kickstarter campaign finishing in between, so it’s probably the most distracted week in their history. But I’d really love to figure out what’s going on here; this has got to be one of the most baffling issues I’ve heard reported, and I wish I had more of a clue!