Can't Help Falling in Love with You - I1 smart strum cover


Beautiful song, works great with the standard smart strum chords too!


Will, you did a masterful job with that tune and smart strum on the I1. Brought a lump to my baby boomer throat! You have inspired me to begin my retirement by putting in some hours and closely emulating your technique to get this tune down pat. I am just learning to use smart strum which is THE Greatest Addition to the I1 bar none. So keep up the good work and making beautiful music on our favorite instrument. Thanks for sharing, too.


Good luck, thank you for the kind words Neill! If you have any questions on how I played it, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


I’d be curious to know the particular chord mapping you used (which I think is a custom one rather than one of the ones that come with the app?). It’s playable with Major Guitar, but yours is better. It’s a fantastic showcase for Smart Strum as a way to play chord melody – not least because your playing is so good…


It’s the standard chords! Pretty sure I played it in E major


Yes, looking at the video again I see you’re just (i) harmonising it slightly differently from me and (ii) playing it much better…


Happy New Year, Will! I am beginning to get the hang of smart strum. Your video is a big help in learning how to play the song. I see that you have mastered plucking two or more strings together to create the harmony. If you have any tips on how to do this, I’d be much obliged. Or if you have other videos that show me your technique, I’d gladly watch them, too. I’ve seen others of your videos so I’ll check them out again as well. Again, thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration!!


Hi Neill, sorry for the delay. I’ll describe my general strategy for playing songs with smart strum.

After getting in the right key, I’ll learn the chords. Frequently (like in this song) the melody can be found in the chords you’ll be playing. There are also the in-between melody notes with no chords.

The tough part is strumming a chord so that I end the strum on the melody note, which I’m doing a lot in this video. The alternative is more of a pluck, which lets me be a bit more accurate with the melody note.