Carol of the Bells.


Here’s a little festive offering on the Instrument One:


Thanks so much for sharing, David! Totally gorgeous.


Very nice, but I hate snow and winter sucks!


Thank you. I’ll try and make my next video a little sunnier! :slight_smile:


Thats awesome, how did you do the instrument changes? That was really a pro rendition!


Many thanks nattyboi. I performed it using a newish Live Looping software called ZenAudio ALK2. It’s worth checking out. You set up a Live Looping arrangement in advance of your performance and the sound changes happen automatically as the software changes between different instrument tracks. I personally think it makes a great partner to the Instrument One. It’s MPE compatible too so you can use all the modes of expression on the I1. The only downside is that it has no software synths included so you have to get some. I used Roli Equator, which works great. ALK2 is quite inexpensive so it’s worth investing in some synths to go with it. Here’s a video explaining about it:


That’s really interesting. I’ve been thinking of trying software instead of a looping peddle for budget reasons, although I’m not sure if they work differently. Mainly I want it to just jam on , over my own loops. Any advice?


Hi nattyboi. ALK2 is mainly for doing more complex Looping arrangements. If you just want to jam over simple loops, something like Ableton Intro is relatively cheap and would allow you to upgrade to the full version if you get into it. Looping pedals are very straightforward to use but they record audio, not midi. So, if you’re using the Instrument One, you’d have to connect it to a synth and then record the output to a pedal. If you have an iPad or iPhone, you could download GarageBand for free and record midi loops into that. It’s MPE compatible so it works well with the I1.