Change Fretless String Scale



I’m a violinist who recently got an instrument 1. It’s really cool, but the frets are too far apart for me to use the fingerings I’m used to. For a new software feature, I think it’d be really useful to be able to optionally change the scale of fretless mode in the editor so that the fret distance corresponds to, say, two half steps instead of only one.

(To those of you in the know: does this feature already exist?)


That’s an extremely cool idea – and it might even then be possible also to space the tighter as you go up like on a real fingerboard. (Or it may be completely impossible.) I initially wondered whether it might be possible in the meantime to use ScaleGen to remap the pitches, but I don’t think it can handle fretless playing, and I’m not sure how you’d make it work across strings anyway.

What you’ll probably find is that your existing technique does adapt to some extent as you get used to the I1. Guitarists are often initially disconcerted by the wide neck and equal fret spacing, but after a few days you don’t even notice (until you go back to a real guitar after unwisely taking time away, and find it’s got this stupidly narrow neck and pointlessly uneven fret spacing you never noticed before). But it’d be interesting to hear from other fiddlers about their experience; I get the impression the I1 is easier for viola players and cellists, but we don’t hear a lot from string players generally, though the Artiphon CEO is one.


Yes, I like the idea of halving the fret size.
Perhaps a mode can be developed which has a note on each fret, and another note between frets.

|      |      |      |      |  ...
E  F   F#  G  G#  A  A#  B  C  ...

The advantages are immediate:

  1. Increases I1 range by an octave
  2. Requires less hand movement on fast passages