Chord in one button


Chinese traditional music is pentatonic scale, as in the pentatonic pad.
I expanded it a bit and rearranged the keyboard. It is now very suitable for playing traditional chinese music and most chinese pop music.

Would you please set a chord into one button? This will make the performance easier


Have you looked at the Smart Strum feature that let’s you specify a chord on a fret? That would give you 12 chords at a time. That said, I don’t know if the combinations provided would give you what you need.


Smart Strum only works in pad model, which only gives 12 buttons.
If I want to play both lead and chord together, I think the more buttons the better.


I agree that buttons would be better. And I don’t see any technical reason why they can’t do that.


I would love to see a “Smarter Strum” mode – remember those old Casio keyboards? You could play a combo of keys and trigger a chord.