Downloadable/Shareable note configurations


Okay I’m gonna be totally honest and just admit that I’m lazy about manually editing every note location on the Instrument 1.

It would be SUPER cool if I could download additional scale/key presets. I appreciate the mixture we have so far, but would like to get nerdy with other modes like Lydian, or heck even choose from all the possible major keys.

I will probably just start mapping them on my own, but it would be a nice way to interact with the community and even spread eclectic key mappings :slight_smile:


Yes, back in the Kickstarter phase I imagined preset sharing would be one of the big community things, but we’ve been tending to do it via screenshots which then have to be recreated manually (eg here and here). The .I1presetbundle file format is just an XML file and perfectly readable in a text editor, so I suppose in principle we could post just the tuning bits, but that’s already getting a bit hacky and it would probably make more sense to share Dropbox links. I do think keyboard players in particular are likely to have cool and outside-the-box ideas about how grid tunings could fall under the fingers, and getting those out in the community could do a lot to open the I1 up more to less boringly guitaristic ways of playing.