Electric Guitar W/ Garageband


Is there a way to play the electric guitar like an ACTUAL guitar using garageband? When i connect the instrument 1, i don’t have the option of standard guitar tuning within the garageband app so it cannot be played like a guitar and the Artiphon app itself offers no guitar with any distortion. I’m new to both garageband and the I1, is this possible and i’m doing something wrong? or is that not an option? and if that isn’t an option can anyone point me in the direction of an app that will?


No problem – tuning is handled by the Artiphon app and/or presets, not by GarageBand, so all you need to do is to set up the right sound in GB. There are actually two ways to do this:

  1. Using GarageBand guitar sounds. In the Tracks tab, swipe to Guitar and under the More Sounds button you’ll find Hard Rock. Open this and you’ll be able to play the sound with the I1 with the preset of your choice (including the built-in guitar). There’s a rudimentary Overdrive pedal you can turn on as well if desired.

  2. Using the Artiphon app sounds. (This assumes you’re on iOS; there are no built-in sounds in the desktop app.) In GarageBand under the Tracks tab swipe to Audio Recorder, and under the IN icon of a plug at top right select Inter-App Audio, and under Instrument select the Instrument 1 icon. Then back in the main Audio Recorder view select the Studio tab and tap whatever the current icon is in the central panel to bring up the built-in effects. You can try out various of these, but in the first instance I’d recommend Crunchy Filter, which is under Producer Effects.

  3. Adding a third-party app. You’ll probably find both of the above a little anaemic, but it’s easy to add a third-party distortion effect. I’d suggest starting with the free Tonebridge, which once downloaded can be selected as the Effect under Inter-App Audio in 2 above. There are a stupid number of presets to choose from in Tonebridge, but you could start with one of the Black Sabbath ones for a classic overdrive which will turn the very responsive but sonically inert built-in Artiphon app guitar into something with real character and oomph.

For best results be sure to select Multichannel in the Artiphon app (under the Artiphon logo at top right), and in the iOS Settings app under GarageBand turn on Support MPE Controllers. This will give you heaps of expressiveness in your bends and aftertouch. I’d also recommend the Tap Guitar preset over any of the strummed versions for solo lines; you’ll find you can actually play better without the bridge triggers, and quite likely better than on a real guitar because you can do it all with finger pressure and don’t have to coordinate hands.


Thank you so much! i knew it was something i was doing wrong.
Do you know if there is any possible way to use the I1 with the band-lab IOS app? there’s some preset midi sounds i’d really love to use it with. I know I’ve heard it can be used with the desktop/PC program but i cant find much info on the app.


It looks from the app description as if the BandLab iOS app doesn’t have MIDI in, which would rule out using it with I1. But I haven’t actually checked it out at first hand.