External Midi Module


So I am looking for a Midi Module to connect the Instrument 1 . I really don’t like to use my iPhone or a computer to generate sound.

I want it to have onboard sounds.

What should I be googling? I’m kind of stuck.

This is the best I’ve found.
PianoBox Mini General MIDI Sound Module https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V4TGKGY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_2VqcEb0KH5VAA


This one is simple but quite usable:

Bonus, vibrato works with I1 tilt out of the box!

I’m also working on my own FPGA-based sound module.


I’ve got MidiPlus Midi Engine USB, but connecting it to Instrument1 via USB I do not get any sound - is some specific setup needed? Can you please provide some help on connecting mentioned devices?


I don’t have that particular sound module, but it looks as if it should work with the I1. The issue could be with channel mapping; go into the Instrument 1 desktop editor or iOS app and see whether the Instrument 1 MIDI Setup is toggled to Multi Channel or Single Channel, and see what happens if you switch to the other setting.

Note that this is the old Artiphon forum, which was replaced in 2020 by the current forum, covering Orba as well as I1; I don’t think Artiphon’s team looks in here, but they’re very helpful on the new platform.