Firmware 1.1.20 not updating


I am using a Mac and trying to update firmware 1.1.20 and it has been updating for over 2 hours now with no end in sight. Please help.

Verification hash error

Hi James,

Luke from Artiphon here! Thanks for reaching out. Please cancel the update process and then restore your INSTRUMENT 1’s firmware by opening the INSTRUMENT 1 Desktop Editor program and choosing the Restore INSTRUMENT 1 Firmware from the Help selection at the top of your screen. This will revert your instrument back to its original factory settings, and you should then be prompted to re-update to the latest firmware version 1.1.20 once the unit has power-cycled.

If your update continues to freeze, please delete the existing instance of the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor program from your machine and download + re-install the latest version, available here:

Please let me know if this solves the hanging update issue. Thanks!


Thank you, the Instrument 1 is on and working. However, it is not making SOUND. I’m using OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite on a Macbook Pro.
I deleted the editor and reinstalled the editor. The update works but it just doesn’t make sound.


Unlike the iPhone/iPad app, the Mac Artiphon Editor does not have any built-in sounds. You need to run another app, such as Garageband, to access sounds. There is also the free and very light weight MidiMock that uses the Mac’s built-in sounds. Unfortunately, it’s a 32-bit app and may not be usable once Apple restricts everything to 64 bit.