Firmware update basically bricked the instrument 1


just got my instrument 1. fired it up and got the firmware update prompt. it failed to complete repeatedly. now the instrument 1 strumming pads don’t do anything. no amount of restarting or trying to get the firmware to update fixes this. and the firmware simply won’t complete the update/restart loop.

super crappy way to start my time with this instrument. any thoughts? help? thx.


Hi Jeff,

Please contact [email protected] and we will get you back up and running quickly.
I am sorry to hear that this happened and going through our official support support system will make sure that we can take care of this as fast as possible.




This happened to me as well. The firmware eventually finished and restarted the I1. I have noticed some latency, and strick sensitivity issues. When I pluck the finger triggers, finger bass style, the lower string above will sound just from the light resting finger touch from the strick through of the trigger below it. I thought I had read that this would not happen and that in fact the strick through to the lower string (trigger) or resting a finger for an anchor will mute that string. But instead the string will sound. I tried adjusting the method sensitivity but I cannot tell that any sensitivity change is happening, it all reacts the same.


Yes, method sensitivity adjusts the velocity of the note triggered, not the threshold at which it’s triggered at all. (This is fairly standard; it’s the same with ROLI Blocks.) But the firmware update shouldn’t have made any difference to this; I’d suggest opening a support ticket with [email protected] so they can go through some steps with you to figure out what’s going on.