First track using only Instrument 1


As mentioned in my post in the general section, I have just completed my first ‘all Instrument 1’ track. If you’re interested in hearing how it came out it can be found here:

Out From The Dark



Wow, great work! Love the way it builds; really beautifully put together.


What a beautiful piece! Ambitious, elaborate, and a pleasure to listen to.


Way cool. Really shows what can be done with the I1. Looking forward to the next one.


Thank you everyone for the listen and the feedback. I’m sure there will be more to come soon now I’m getting the hang of this thing! :blush:


I just listened to the track, “Out From The Dark”, and I very much enjoyed it. I really admire your ability to combine the sounds to make the whole track. Please stick with the A1. I’ve had mine for a couple of years and I am getting to like it more each time I practice with it. I have just recently retired and will be spending more time with it so your very pleasant music is inspirational to the rest of us.
Thanks again.


Thank you so much for the listen and the kind words! I hope you have an enjoyable and long retirement making music :slight_smile: