Foot Pedals via USB (e.g. in Mainstage)



I’m fairly new to MIDI controllers, but I’m really enjoying playing my INSTRUMENT 1. I’d like to add a foot controller to my setup (Mainstage on a Macbook Pro) so that I can dampen or add expression to the sound, but I notice most MIDI foot pedals seem to only have 1/4" jack outputs.

Are there controllers/interfaces/converters that can read the foot pedal 1/4" jack and connect via USB? I think the iRig Blueboard might do something like this, but I think it only has space for 1 1/4" jack - ideally I’d like to be able to attach 2-3 pedals at once (also, the iRig is Bluetooth and I’d prefer USB for my Macbook). I was particularly thinking of a 3 in 1 pedal such as the M-Audio SP Triple.

Otherwise, are there USB foot controllers? Or pedals/pedalboards that go to a MIDI IN port? I have a Steinberg UR22, so could use that to receive the MIDI IN signal if necessary. I’ve seen the Behringer FCB1010, but this seems to have far more pedals than I need. I’ve also seen reviews that suggest it is difficult to set up.

Any advice would be very welcome!




It looks like the best option could be to use any keyboard that has volume and expression 1/4" inputs. After looking quite a bit there seems to be no simple USB or DIN 5-pin pedals. There could be some more DIY solutions but I could not find anything simple.
This one could solve your problem but it has a lot more than 2 “pedals”:


Hi Jonny,

You might try Logidy. They seem to have guitar style foot switches that are USB and class compliant. “UMI3”

I’ve not tried to use them with my iPad and a Camera Connection Kit or a computer just yet. Just ordered one. I prefer a USB type connection instead of using batteries and Bluetooth. Set up with either option should be relatively easy using a utility and or in application “MIDI learn” allowing you to map each switch to a function in your music software/DAW/App.



I tested the Logidy pedal and it could suit your needs though I don’t have an expression pedal. Do note that you should save a configuration to the pedal using the Logidy App. I suggest running the Logidy set up App at the same time as your DAW to fine tune a pedal configuration that works.

Note that the expression pedal used with the UMI 3 needs to be a TRS style (tip, ring, sleeve - expression pedals with a TRS connector where the wiper of the pot is connected to the Tip will work.)

From the manual: UMI3 Compatible pedals include: M-Audio Ex-p (in “M-Audio” mode), Moog EP2, Alesis F2, Roland EV-5, EV-7, Boss FV-500L.)

I used my UMI 3 pedal with my iPad. I use an Apple Camera Control kit and a USB hub to connect both the pedal and the Instrument 1. In my App (Loopy HD) I assigned functions to each button using MIDI learn. In this case I created a “loop pedal” to record sounds from the Artiphon App via Audiobus but I’m sure you could assign your expression pedal using a similar method in your DAW or Apps.

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The logidy pedal is great, easy to use and program. Expression pedals work fine with it.

The Keith McMillen stuff is fussier. The softstep is a pain to program as its almost too powerful, and the footstwiches are hard to use accurately. Even trying to run one of the switches as a basic volume pedal is tough, as you almost need to keep your foot on the pedal continuously.

Go for the logidy UMI3, cheap and works great.