Fret switching for preset changes


Here’s a suggestion. I don’t know if this is technically possible. Changing between presets currently requires repeated presses of the volume control. So if you want to switch from Preset 7 to Preset 6 you have to press it 7 times. I have an old Peavey Midibase which has a rather neat patch switching system. There is a switch that you hold putting the fingerboard into patch change mode so that touching a particular fret recalls a specific patch. Releasing the switch then returns you to playing mode. Could you implement something similar? Pressing and holding the volume control could put the instrument into Preset Change mode so that touching a note on the fingerboard recalls a specific Preset. For example, the first four frets on the top two strings could store the eight presets making it easy to change between non-consecutive presets with a simple gesture. The function of the LED could be retained to indicate which Preset is currently selected. The current simple method of Preset selection could also be retained by a short press (as opposed to press and hold).


In fact, why stop there? The YouRock Guitar lets you use the whole fingerboard note range for preset changes. On the I1, using individual fret positions rather than note values, you could have up to 78 presets accessible via the I1 fingerboard and bridge. (Whether you could actually store 78 presets on board is another question…)