Getting it working at all on PC


It seems as if my computer seems to pick up the I1’s speakers but not the midi input. My computer seems to read it as a speaker. When I open up the Artiphon Editor and play the I1 I get no sounds whatsoever. Is there any guaranteed way to get this working on PC? I had it working on a friends iPhone and got really stoked, want to get back to to playing. Any advice is very much appreciated.


On the PC, you can’t have the I1 connected to the Editor and another app at the same time. I don’t actually use my I1 with a PC, but there have been lots of posts about this. Try closing the Editor and connecting to another app for sound. The Editor does not have any built-in sounds. There was a thread about this a few days ago.


Right. I did get it working on Bandlab. It seems I might have to play around with it to get the hang of it. I’m going to try it on Cakewalk, does anybody have any experience with Cakewalk? Anyway thanks for the response, much appreciated!


So is Artiphon planning on adding sounds to the pc editor? I’m thinking of returning my Instrument 1, I love it on my phone but I would like to use on my pc, maybe they shouldn’t include that it works with pc if it does not. Annoying………………


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That’s a great question. The INSTRUMENT 1 Editor is designed to be a preset customization tool as opposed to a sound generator or synth. So it’s a bit different than the Ariphon iOS app in that respect.

I recommend using a DAW like Soundtrap or Bandlab (both of which are online and free at the introductory levels) to make music on your PC. Have you checked either of those out? We run through this very topic in the second half of Lesson 6 of our new Step-by-Step tutorial if you’d like to check it out:



I am currently using it with fruity loops and works perfect. Thank You