How to use Instrument 1 with iPod 5th gen?



I have been wanting to buy an Instrument 1 for quite a while but my limited funds have prevented it, so i saved my hard earned pennies and finally got my hands on one, great! didn’t read the fine print, and was dissapointed to find that there is no android app. Not the end of the world as mainly I wanted it as a midi controller but also wanted the portable guitar for practising when im not in the studio. So the time has come for taking it out of the house with me and no way to play it so i had a read of your website and it sais it works with iPod 5th gen and up, so I thought ok most affordable option is probably the iPod, saved my pennies again for a bit and picked one up finally last week for a just over 100 bucks, took it out today and sat down to use it only to find that the app is not compatible with IOS 9 which is the most recent version that the 5th gen supports.

So my question is, how do I get the 5th gen compatible version of the app as stated on your website? Or have you just made me go and burn my hard earned money?


This is Apple’s fault rather than Artiphon’s, but there is a slightly cumbersome way around it – I use my I1 all the time with an ageing but still incredibly functional iPod Touch on iOS 10.1, and the Artiphon app works great on that and all my devices back to iOS 9.x. The current version had to update last year to fix a showstopper issue with newer iOS devices, which in the process forced that update to require iOS 11 or higher – but you can still download the older, completely functional version for your iOS 9 device once you have an Apple account which owns the later version.

So what you need to do is to borrow a friend’s iPhone or iPad (running iOS 11 or later) for a moment, switch to your own account settings and password in the App Store settings, install (or at least commence the installation process for) the current version of the Artiphon app to their phone, after which you can safely switch back to the owner’s App Store settings. Then go back to the App Store on your own iPod and install the Artiphon app; this time it’ll show a new dialogue telling you that the latest version won’t run but you can download an older one that can. Tap the yes-please option and the one for your device will download and install.


Oh awesome! Thank you so much, I would never have figured this out as I am completely apple illiterate… now to find someone with an iPhone.