INSTRUMENT 1 Firmware 1.0.40


This firmware update introduces support for new features described here:


This firmware update seemed to have turned off my Instrument 1’s speakers. The volume knob lights are still on and can adjust but no sound. The sound now comes out of my iPhone speakers instead. Anyone else having this issue? Is there some new setting I’m missing? I’m really hoping this isn’t a hardware issue.


The iPhone usually uses the audio device that was connected last. Could you disconnect the INSTRUMENT 1 and re-connect it?


Hello, same issue for me, no sound after update (app seems to ignore instrument… might have done something wrong ?


Did you try to restart and reconnect the Instrument 1 and the iOS device or computer?


I did a hard restart on my iPhone and removed the 3rd party iPhone case (I thought it might be blocking the connector from fully connecting.) It works now. One of those things fixed it.