INSTRUMENT 1 Firmware 1.1.10


Version 1.1 Release Notes
Firmware 1.1.10

The 1.1 update brings new functionality and improved playability to the INSTRUMENT 1 firmware and Artiphon software for iOS.

String Flip

The String Flip feature uses the INSTRUMENT 1’s built-in accelerometer to automatically switch between lefty and righty tunings based on how the instrument is held.

With this update, String Flip becomes a global setting, meaning your preference will persist even when you change presets. This should make it easier for astronauts and other players in zero-gravity environments to play without the INSTRUMENT 1 accidentally flipping between left and right-handed tunings. For those who play some presets left-handed and others right-handed, we’ve included an override feature that is preset-specific.


New and improved sensitivity settings are now at the ready.

Method Sensitivity
Whether you’re heavy-handed or have a feather touch, you can now more easily achieve the volume and dynamics you seek.

Hammer-on Sensitivity
Avoid unintended notes by turning the hammer-on sensitivity to Low or Off. Or enjoy a fingerboard that is so sensitive you can simply tap to play notes. In other words, you can now dial in the ideal action for Eruption by Van Halen.

Aftertouch Pressure Sensitivity
You can now adjust the amount of pressure required to activate effects with aftertouch. Try this with pressure-sensitive sounds in the Artiphon iOS app (such as Square and Sine waves), or with your favorite synths in GarageBand.

Tilt Range
We’ve added a new slider that allows you to select the angle range that activates the Tilt feature. Set a low tilt range to use smaller, more precise motions, or set the range much wider to put on a real show.


The Artiphon app’s arpeggiator feature allows for fun “auto-play” and “auto-strum” playability. With this update, the arpeggiator can be set to different subdivisions of the global tempo. Simply selecting ¼ notes, ¼ triplets, ⅛, ⅛ triplets will allow you to find your groove much more quickly.

MIDI Program Changes

MIDI program changes 1–8 can now be sent by pressing the INSTRUMENT 1’s volume knob. In Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and other software, you can now switch instrument tracks, press record, play/stop, and perform a range of other options simply by pressing the volume knob. Your live show just got a whole lot smoother.


Thanks for the update Arne.

(doing some tests here today using the I1 into a seq, not phone app, so all my notes and concerns are based off of my personal use as a midi controller for composing at present)

Method appears to change the midi output range, and works differently in each mode I see.
In fretted mode it only changes the output range of the bridge sensors, not the fretboard tapping range.
Medium setting gave me outputs between 60-90 or so, though I could hit it really hard and get higher.

In grid mode it controls only the output of the neck notes, not the bridge notes, it appears.
Playing it through midimonitor shows that if you pick low sensitivity for method it gives you a lowest midi on of 40, medium a quietest midi note on of 60, high is 80 and very high gives you 100. It also appears that method settings only effect the lowest midi note on range, not the high end, as in all of those settings I was able to hit a note hard and get around 115 for note on velocity.

I’d still personally love to be able to have the range go from very low, say 10, on occasion, but this is useful.

The tilt range selector is great, its a nice way to be able to set ranges.
Is it possible to do use a similar control for ‘method’, ‘aftertouch’ and tap?

I’ve also noticed a couple things that aren’t in the firmware or software notes. It appears that the bridge notes and fretboard notes now give the same responses for similar note techniques in grid mode, that’s a great fix. I’m not positive, but it also seems like there is better pitch recognition in grid mode. Previously if you hit a note too close to a fret either way you could trigger the note you played and the adjacent semi-tone, this seems to be lessened with this update, which is also great.

I’m still going to keep asking for more controls and changes, but these are great changes for now.
Still need to look at fretless mode and drum mode to see if there are changes there, but grid and fretted are now more useful for me.



Thank you for the feedback!


Hey Arne,
Whats new in 1.1.13 firmware?


The 1.1.13 update delivers several bug fixes.