INSTRUMENT 1 Firmware v1.0.23 Release


We are constantly improving the INSTRUMENT 1 and the Artiphon software. Firmware version 1.0.23 is now available and can be installed using the iOS app. You will get a notification within the app. Alternatively you can press the “A” in the right upper corner to get to the system settings and press “Launch Firmware Updater”

We recommend this update because it delivers significant improvements for the playability:

  • Fretless Mode with GarageBand- Midi Single Channel Fretless
    The INSTRUMENT 1 can be set to single channel mode to improve the performance with some third party apps that do not support multi channel midi with pitch bend. INSTRUMENT 1 now adapts better to that by allowing monophonic playing in fretless mode when the INSTRUMENT 1 is set to Single- Channel Midi so that apps like GarageBand can be played in a fretless mode.

  • When pulling off a string in fretless mode the open string note is now played correctly.

  • In fretted mode sliding down the fingerboard while playing is now possible.

  • The arpeggiator now works with all methods (Strum, Bow, Slide, iBow, Tap)

  • Minor bug fixes.


After updating the firmware, my 3rd ‘string’ appears to have ‘died’ in strum mode. What do I do with that? To clarify – it’s acknowledging about every 3rd strike when I pluck the bridge button.


Hi John, I am so sorry to hear that! I do not think that the update has anything to do with this. You could re- install the firmware, just to be sure. In the firmware updater, press “show older versions” and install 1.0.37 again.
Since this is not likely the problem please write an email to [email protected] so that we can arrange a replacement if that is necessary.


Jeff, not John – but will do. FYI, my I1 was working fine last night. It wasn’t until I upgraded & then reloaded my custom presets that this started happening – across various apps & tunings/modes


Jeff, of course :grinning: Please let us know via [email protected]