Instrument 1 sending wrong notes



I’ve recently got the intrument1 and I like it but I’m having some problems with it.
Hope you can help me.

I’m using it with vst instruments. In one channel mode.
It is sending the wrong notes on the lower strings. I’ve got the guitar tuning selected. With strum mode. The weird thing is that if I strum the bass string upwards it sends the right note and if I strum downwards it sends a G-note everytime.

Is there a setting I’ve missed maybe?




This is fascinatingly weird! Strumming direction shouldn’t make any difference in the note produced. What happens if you push directly down on the bridge trigger (i) at a perpendicular angle to the face of the instrument, (ii) at a slight angle in the down-strum direction? It’s probably worth sending an e-mail to [email protected] if you haven’t already; this opens a support ticket so they can figure it out with you one-on-one, which I suspect this very unusual behaviour will need.