Instrument 1 Stuck in "Knight Rider mode"


My Instrument 1 doesn’t do anything anymore except the octave lights go back & forth:

What’s this mean and how do I fix?


Could be a dodgy cable (or adapter, if it’s not a single-cable setup). Have you been able to try it with a different connector and/or device?


I had it plugged into power using the provided power cable, and I bought a USB cable to connect it to my computer. Once it was charged, I could have it plugged only into USB and it worked.

What does that “Knight Rider” mode mean? Battery dead? Can’t communicate via USB?


Yes, it means the I1 is functioning but isn’t communicating with whatever’s on the other end of the cable; when it connects successfully you get the steady lights round the volume dial instead.


Ah that’s helpful. I can try some other mini USB cables I have and see if that improves. Thanks!