Instrument1 Design Feedback


If the implication is that you still can sound two or three strings, top note only - absolutely useful,

ANYTHING you can choose to toggle as part of a patch/performance setup is useful to somebody. Maybe not me, but someone will see a musical use for almost any bizarre configuration (like a sarod…)

Outside-the-box suggestion. Take a look at the (now aging) mAudio Axiom keyboards. Here is a link. The options they give for their knobs, sliders and keys is just ridiculous! One patch I have pressure-sensitive drum pads, the next they are preset controllers.


Absolutely. That would solve the barre chord problem for tap mode.


In next version… please design the cable sockets in other place or go wireless. If still need cables, then maybe on the end of the instrument.
While playing sitting for normal right-handed player, the cables always are bent against the your lap - not good the the cables and not convenient too.


The best fix for the neck width problem would be to allow us to set chords on the frents in place of notes which when pressed trigger the strum strings to their chords allowing us to strum our set chord progressions without destroying our hands or learning every new chord we would like to use.They know this though I hope, just keeping it alive.


SOON™ I literally check this forum every few hours in the hope of some news.


I also thought I wanted this feature but there are a lot of problems with it when you actually implement it. I am thinking that a “technique” based setting would be much better. How bout implementing “auto barring”. Simply hitting any of the pads along a specific fret could cause all the other notes to be triggered. This would make forming bar chords effortless and make the wide fretboard much easier to play.


I’d love an “auto-barre”. Even though I find barring easier on the I1 than a regular acoustic. However, wouldn’t that cause problems with chords that aren’t completely barred? The catch is that sometimes you need the barre and sometimes you don’t, and it’s not even dependent on a specific fret being pressed. Also, there are cases where you don’t want to barre all six strings.

However, since the index finger is used for barring, maybe there’s some way to use the index finger to indicate that the barre should apply. Maybe if the fret separators themselves were sensitive. Then one could lay the index finger across the fret and the other fingerings would actually be closer. I’d suggest a barre button beside each fret, but you’d need one on either side to handle right and left handed people.


They could do something like this in ‘addition’ on some other setting; however not letting me assign chords to fret locations, requiring me to hold/learn archaic hand positions when the tech and ability is here for autochording; is dang tragic and it better come sooner than later. :frowning:


Guitar hand positions are no more archaic than those for a keyboard.:slight_smile:


True but the point of the I1 is to break free of these limitations(or keep those limitations for its advantages by using standard fretboard). Some keyboards can be reprogrammed or with a DAW chords can be assigned to keys on a midi keyboard; which would work on the I1; but only in freaking tap mode…destroying what could really make the I1 stand out; autochording w/ strumming.


Adding assignable chords programmable chords in a separate mode doesn’t hurt a single person and only expands the I1. It’s a base to work from.


Don’t get me wrong, I think autochording or whatever you want to call it would be awesome and really expand the potential market. But I think the original design intent was to mimic as many existing instruments as possible under one roof so to speak. Now that they’ve got that working, they can expand the concept.


Oh they will, I’m sure they have tons cooking up for us. :))


So I’m loving this thing, but I have a few qualms, and a few questions.

  1. The top and bottom strings seem less sensitive than the estate, do othereople notice this?
  2. There is an area in the middle of the fretboard where the rubber seems to seperate a small amount from the digitizer beneath, this causes a slight dead zone in the lower velocity taps in this region. Does anyone else notice this? fingernails often hit the fretboard next to the string I’m depressing this would be easier to avoid with even a slightly taller string.
  3. I’d just like more freedom i how I map this thing, as far as thi gs that I and others have suggested, and it sounds like you guys are gearing up to expand this thing, so I’m s
    u’re I’ll see some of that soon.

Other than those minor issues, I love the thing, i learned music playing bass and guitar and so having the ability to lay down midi with something in a guitar form factor and tuning is a dream, not to mention the unique fretless capabilities Ili ties of this thing. I’ll happily buy a house instrument 2 some day if it comes and improves on this formula!


Oh and one last suggestion for future instruments, would be a rounded fretboard. Makes it a little easier to bar chords, which is a bit tough with the current [email protected]
Edit: also forgot to add that a mode that sends note off immediately after note-on for percussion would be great as i cant play fast enough with the current setup.


I’ve noticed the outside strings are less sensitive as well.

Bluetooth midi on the thing would be outstanding.

I wish there was a way to adjust the note on value range in settings. In guitar strum mode it puts out quiet notes except for the bridge picked notes, in grid mode the same techniques outputs lower key velocity (except for the bridge notes which are louder).


YESS! Palm Muting is a must


Did you ever find a solution for barre chords? It requires so much pressure that it is humanly impossible…
I was hoping one of the sensitivity settings would fix this


No, but I did find a straight/stiff pressure from fingers works (as you said), but it is much harder than an acoustic guitar…

I sometime use 4 string chords for F and B like I did when I first learned guitar :slight_smile:


Well, I’d agree that barre chords are ‘difficult,’ but to say ‘impossible’ is a bit of an overstatement, I would say, from my personal experience. Granted, it does take concerted and concentrated effort, but I consider that one of the learned adjustments that one has to make in altering one’s technique in playing the I1. But it does take extra effort, to be sure, so I’m with you there!