Is Instrument 1 really a practical proposition for a Windows PC?


I am looking for a guitar type midi controller to play vsti’s in Cubase, Ableton Live or Studio One on a Windows 10 64 bit PC. I very much like the look of Instrument 1 but am concerned by negative reviews I have seen from PC users. I can see that Windows won’t allow you to have both the Editor and a DAW open at the same time - the same is true of my keyboard midi controller, but once I have set up a template for my DAW, I can then use the keyboard without having to reopen the Editor. Is it not possible to do something similar with Instrument 1?


Yes, absolutely – most of the time you don’t need to open the editor at all. You’ll probably find yourself going in and out of it a lot in the early days as you fine-tune your playing preferences, but once you’ve got a bunch of onboard presets that cover most of your actual playing needs, you can just switch between them on the I1 and do all the actual sound setup in your DAW. If you’re using MPE (highly recommended) you’ll need to decide on a pitch bend range in the Artiphon editor and then match it in your desktop sound source, but most desktop apps that support MPE offer a generous range of values. Although a Mac user myself, I find in practice I hardly ever need to bother with the editor, let alone to keep it running in the background.


Thanks for your reply. I have found lots of positive comments about I1 but they all come from Mac users - or at least all the ones I have seen. I am hoping to hear something positive from a Windows user; in my experience, things that work well on a Mac are often clunky on Windows and vice versa.


I use Mac.
But because my hard disk space is running out, I don’t have any huge music software installed, even garageband.

I am using / musiccore3( and sonic-pi( is run on the browser and has nothing to do with the system. MusicScore and sonic-pi are cross-platform, run in mac/ windows even linux.

But I don’t have any experience in composing music. For learning to play, and for fun, these lightweight software works well.