Live 'Teen Spirit'


Hey, I finally got to play my I1 again at our local open-mic night – the usual host forbids it, 'cuz it doesn’t fit in his ‘acoustic’ open-mic format. Well, thankfully, he was SICK last night (j/k!), so I slipped it in while I had the chance! ;- )

(FYI, my Smart Strum version of ‘Teen Spirit,’ using the Music Studio ‘Cello Pizzicato’ voice).


Are you outputting the audio from your I1 or the iOS device?


Right out of the I1 headphone jack, then through a direct box, into the PA amp-head


I was thinking you might be; you should output thru your iOS device; it drastically cuts down latency; and it does have a lil tiny latency if you output from the I1.

At least run a test and you’ll see what I mean; And let me know what ya think.

It was something I jus found out a few months back; and rly wish I had known a year ago. ;p


So, how do I redirect the signal? It would have to be within the respective app’s, right? I’ve never done it, so I’m a little unclear as to how it would be accomplished.


unplug it from the I1 and then into the ios device. it greatly reduces any perceivable lag.