Lockdown freebies


Among the various viral sales and giveaways, a few particular highlights for I1strumentalists:

  • Logic Pro and Ableton Live 10 have both extended their free trial period to 90 days (normally 30); Ableton also have their excellent e-book Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers free at the same link.
  • SynthMaster One for iPad or iPhone (a separate app) is temporarily free.
  • GeoShred Play is free (and the full version on sale, but grab the free one now anyway).
  • Korg’s Minimoog Model D went free a while back.
  • TAQS.IM ethnic synth/rompler (not MPE, but some really lovely sounds) is I think now permanently free and makes its money from IAPs (not free, but good value; I particularly like the Kavkaz Express pack).

Among non-free sales, there are introductory sales on two stunning new apps:


  • a 30% off sale on Cubasis 3 for iOS, but that ends today (8 April);
  • the fabulous LayR multi-synth has a deep discount from $25.99 to $11.99;
  • – and I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug Wotja Pro 20, which is currently an absolute bargain at $7.99: instant backing tracks for your I1 noodlings in a couple of taps, as well as a bottomless rabbithole of algorithmic creativity. (Full disclosure: I betatest for them and love this app almost as much as my I1, but for normal people they’re completely different things.)