Macbook Recommendations


Hello everyone,

I am a PC person with no experience with Mac however, I am looking to buy this Macbook for the Artiphon1. Will this work or are the specs to slow, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks Paul.

MacOS 10.13, High Sierra
2.4 GHz
4GB Ram
Intel Core 2 Duo
HDD 500g


That’ll be fine, though be aware that the older system may slightly limit the range of third-party apps that you’ll be able to use the I1 with. You’ll be fine, for example, with Apple’s Mainstage (requires 10.12 or higher) and ROLI’s Equator (10.13 or higher), but if you find yourself wanting to stump up for Logic Pro X, that requires 10.13.6 and I’m not sure whether it’s still possible to update to the final version of 10.13. I’d be a bit cautious in the first instance about updating to a later system version than 10.13.x right away; it might be fine, but you’d want to have a backup to downgrade to if you found it too slow. I can’t immediately see where the minimum system requirements are for the Artiphon editor app, but I used it for years on a Mac mini stuck on 10.12, so no problem there.



Thanks for the reply which was very helpful. I may look for a system with Navajo or higher if I can afford it as this system will only be used for I1.



In a pinch, like my student days, I would buy Apple refurbished from Apple. By purchasing through Apple you get the same warranty as new and extended warranty (should you choose to buy Apple Care) is often close to your savings on a brand new item. The trend seems to be 5 years of support by Apple on products though I have had Macs work for me up to 10+ years. Experience may vary but I have found the sticker price higher for Apple but not the “cost of ownership” as few of my Windows machines have lasted past 4 years.


Thanks Swoononeone, I did buy a refurbished unit…Catalina OS.