Make all presets editable and deletable


I don’t see a reason why the 4 main presets aren’t editable like the user presets. I’d like to have as many options as possible.

I’d also like to be able to delete presets from the hardware, so I’d only have the bare minimum available. It could be a problem having to click the preset button 7 times in the middle of a song.


Thanks for your feedback! The instrument’s four factory presets can be customized (but not overwritten) using the Artiphon iOS app and the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor program for Mac/PC, however, you can save as many custom presets as you think of in the Editor program itself and recall them on the instrument directly via the four user preset slots :notes: Please do let us know what other features/changes you’d like to see, as we’re always improving the I1 though regular software and firmware updates, and your suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks!


Thanks for your reply. I honestly don’t see why the factory preset shouldn’t work exactly like the user presets. Or maybe have an advanced button, that converts them so they work like the user presets.

I also don’t quite understand why hammer-ons, multi-channel vs single-channel, sensitivity and many of the settings are global instead of tied to a presets. I might want one preset to have a low after-touch sensitivity and another one high. Or have hammer-ons on one patch and not another. Do you prefer I make a separate thread for this suggestion?

Edit: The these suggestion will be invaluable for live performances. It’s okay in a studio, all though a bit annoying, but live I just can’t stand there and fiddle with 3 different settings on a pc screen.


I have to say I agree with this. It would be nice to be able to overwrite the first four presets with custom setups as well. I suspect this would be a very popular modification with customers. Once you discover your favourite playing styles on the I1 and set it up to suit your technique, it’s inevitable that some of the factory presets will become redundant. For example, I will never use Preset 2 (don’t like 5ths tuning) or Preset 3 (the ‘piano’ style of playing doesn’t appeal to me). If you want to preserve the factory presets, maybe a ‘reset factory settings’ button could be included in the software.


I very much agree with this. Four presets is not enough, and having the four factory presets being non-overridable really limits the instruments usability. I have little interest in any of the factory presets, save perhaps the guitar one. Even then, I really need to be able to set hammer-on sensitivity differently for each preset, at very least.