Makes me sad


Every time I come here it’s pretty much empty, there seem to be a sparse crew of people who love the l1 militantly but new people appear and then vanish. It’s a shame, I had such high hopes for this thing. If u look there are a load of questions just scattered around unanswered and I can’t help but feel this isn’t necessary. Why hasn’t the firmware been updated in so long? Why are both the pc and ios apps so long in the tooth? There is so much potential with this instrument despite its flaws, why aren’t there beta testing groups refining and working toward opening the device up to more possibilities? If Artiphon don’t want to do it then open source it. I have to ask, what are you guys doing? We don’t see regular updates, there’s no guide to maximizing the instrument or using it within iOS or windows whether in the context of a daw or standalone, it feels like you buy it and you are on your own and if you look around this forum you will find this sentiment echoed over and over. I know it’s a small team and I’m sure there must be a roadmap but it’s crunchtime. You have to prioritize maximizing the potential of the L1, allow it to be customized, unlock it and open it up. Start teaching people about how it can be used. Pretty apple-esque videos on YouTube aren’t cutting it anymore. I want to love this thing and every time I take it out I find myself going…meh, I wish I could… All I’m saying is you got it this far but unless you get your fingers out and start really figuring out ways to make this more than a novelty then you will continue to see the drop in traffic and participation that I’m sure you have already noticed. Rant over, and just so you know ? Im rooting for you, I really am.


I am still hoping they are working on things in the background and just haven’t gotten it polished enough to tell us about it:) I just got my I1 2 weeks ago and when I showed it to some of my musician friends they thought it is pretty cool. My main issue at the moment is I am a major rookie, but I have managed to learn a few songs even if they aren’t played exactly like they would be on any other instrument, but that’s the point of music right? Making it your own :slight_smile:


I hope that’s the case but the app itself hasn’t been upgraded in literally years and it seriously needs and overhaul. The last firmware update is also a year old. Like i stated, I am not saying this stuff to bash the team at all but they do need to create the internal momentum to propel this forward and give us more tools and resources so that the existing customer base goes out and evangelizes about the I1 and increases the user base. You can see it starting to fade from the forums, how many unique visitors are they getting monthly? It doesn’t appear to be a lot. I’m only saying this as I do believe in the product but it could be so much more. I would have expected an Artiphon rep to comment on this as well but that hasn’t happened. It just leaves us wondering what they are doing over there? If they need beta testers, Im in! Want feedback? Contact me! We stuck with 3 year old software for something that’s touted as the future of music. The rhetoric isn’t being matched by the realization. Artiphon, lets get going…u have us behind you, just ask!


I downloaded GeoShred and GeoSynth (iOS Apps) and the “tracking” is really great compared to the Artiphon and it appears to me to be, not the technology, but the App. This is pressing on a grid on an iPad too. The Pitch/Mod works way better and the sliding works great. I find with the Artiphon, the only setting that I can play fast on is the Fretted with High Hammer On Sensitivity and then tapping/hammering. I can play very fast this way. Once I put slide mode on, notes barely trigger no matter what i do to the settings. GeoSynth also has an auto octave feature that I would like to see in the Artiphon App. The Geo Apps are light years ahead of the Artiphon App. I feel we have the better controller, but it isn’t ready for primetime. Notice Jamstik is coming out with a new 12 fret on too. Another thing, the videos don’t cut it. Go look at the GeoShred videos and you’ll see virtuoso musicians really playing an iPAD. I think the Artiphon could get there, but it’s not quite there. Great engineering, but lacking somehow. Some synth patches don’t do slides well as another post suggests, but I’m A/B comparing the GeoSynth vs. Artiphon using Synclavier V and the iPAD tracks it but Artiphon doesn’t. Any suggestions or is it time for an App update?


To my mind? Yes, it’s way beyond time to redo both the app itself and hopefully allow more customizable options. Hopefully Artiphon will let those of us who really want to dive in and get granular with the settings do so and allow us to fully tailor the instrument to what we want. It’s so restrictive at the moment, they behaving like Apple and locking us into a very confining box. Also we need much more tuition and videos exploring the instruments versatility, setting up synth patches for use with it, playing styles and general tricks and tips. There’s a lot could be done to enhance customer experience and really generate momentum for the product but they need to move quickly. The MPE space is now starting to fill up and now that it’s been officially adopted they now face an increasingly crowded space. The only way to stay relevant is to drive customer engagement using the suggestions given repeatedly by folks here on the forum. You hearing me Artiphon?! We over here! Your customers, we want to help you!


And yes gdeshred is great. They have constantly worked on it and refined it which is something Artiphon need to take note of. The app hasn’t been substantially updated in almost 3 years I think. That’s not staying ahead of the curve. There needs to be some urgency both in execution of product refinement and more content. Doing something like realtime, interactive engagement online would be a great start. Build a true community and organically develop a forum that capitalizes on the synergies between them and the customer base. The brand is fairly well established and now they need to differentiate themselves by really listening to the customer base and do it on a regular basis, setting up beta testing and focus groups would be a great start. At the moment its like the team is hermetically sequestered away doing whatever their doing and not really talking to us. Give us updates on what you’re working on, tell us your ideas…engage with us! Hell, hire me and I’ll do it! I want to love this thing and its so close to being where it needs to be, it’s an amazing peice of kit. Maybe they unsure of what to do, I don’t know but hopefully they still have the faith that we do. Artiphon, get your heads in this and work with us here!


So to answer your question I think you’re issues are similar to mine, the current app doesn’t support the level of detail to truly set the controller up to your individual play style…essentially its 4 settings. Low, medium, high and very high. There’s way more detail in between, 127 if im right. Open it up and let us at that if nothing else.


Sorry my spelling and typing are crap this morning, on mobile and no coffee!


It must be possible to improve the tracking via an App update. I think if I monitored the MIDI from the Artiphon vs. GeoShred/iPAD, it would reveal what is going on, but not necessarily how the Geo app does it. I need to try this. The Auto octave, it would seem is just an IF THEN, IF a line of notes is played ending greater than a Tritone above or below is then repeated THEN change the octave by ±1. How about hiring as a consultant one of the people involved with Geo products, or even Jordan Rudess. It’s funny that an iPAD is a better MIDI controller than this huge engineering feat. I want to keep the I1, but I have until 3/29//19 to return it with Amazon. Use the money to buy a better iPAD. Would be nice to hear from Artiphon about the future possibilities/plans. Of course, I can always buy another I1 later if things improve.


Also I hate to say it but i dont think things are going too great tbh They struggled to get out the kickstarter pledge L1’s and I don’t know if anyone ever got the Nashville editions? I feel like they may have stretched themselves thin trying to recoup R&D, gain traction in the market and fulfill promises to the initial backers. Total speculation mind you and I don’t know but the amount of silence from them is disconcerting to say the least. Which is why i say we are offering help, give us tools as a customer base for us to go out and proselytize on social media and bring new blood in. It’s a niche market but so are euroracks and they doing just fine. I want to help and I’m sure others do but it requires full participation from Artiphon


Yes u might be able to do that with one of the audeonic apps or streambyter. Thing is they could build that stuff into the app and BLAM…game changer…everyone could jump in and configure it in a ton of ways and it becomes what it should be: the world’s most versatile midi controller


Same here Callum. I need to read up on the MPE spec. Maybe there is something out there that could bridge things, like another post here talks about mapping the CC message that we are limited to etc.


And unfortunately I hear that a lot too about people returning them. It’s directly attributed to lack of support and no info on future development. If we were given news on what they were developing I think people would be more inclined to stay the course


U can def do it in streambyter but its tricky and requires some coding but i hear it opens up a new world in terms of routing. Again, these are things we should have access to in the app itself.


Artiphon gonna think im a hater! I’m not, I’m over here yelling I want to help and I know there’s a bunch of people here the same


So I went to read the MPE spec and you have to be a member. I then went to the Roli seaboard site. This is what the Artiphon can’t do: “Strike corresponds to the MIDI message of note-on velocity, Press to aftertouch or pressure, Glide to pitch bend, Slide to CC 74, and Lift to note-off (release) velocity.” It all seems like a lack of implementation of the MPE spec. Maybe they are working on it, but they are getting Smoked by the others. They are listed as an one of the MPE compatible devices, but they have barely scratched the surface of this awesome new spec.


Check out how the Roli responds. I want that on the Artiphon.


Lol…i have the roli songwriters kit I think its called? Seaboard block, lightblock and loop block. It’s way ahead in terms of tactile use and being programmable (roli dashboard lets you really set it up deep dive style) but in the end it’s still just a fancy keyboard. It doesn’t have anything the L1 couldn’t do with some refinement and a bit of elbow grease but i dont know if we will get that or not. I genuinely hope so.


But yes i find the Roli far more responsive but i genuinely think that’s a software thing


Hi Artiphon community!

Jeremy from Artiphon here. Just a little background on me: I’m a recent addition to the team, just having begun in January. One of the main reasons I joined is that Artiphon identified a need to strengthen its dialogue with users and customers across our communication channels. I’m a user experience enthusiast with a background in music therapy, and I’m passionate about electronic music production so it’s been incredibly helpful to be hearing from you all. I appreciate everyone’s feedback immensely.

Please know that we are working diligently each day to improve the Artiphon experience. As the first point of contact for our user/customer support channels, I’ve heard from many of you who simply want to know what the future holds for Artiphon. For reasons you can imagine, we are not ready to unveil any information pertaining to our future product roadmap. The best I can do is to reassure you all that we hear you, share these points of feedback company-wide, watch every one of your videos as a team, and work hard each and every day to meet and exceed your expectations.

One thing I can say is that we are currently in the midst of revamping our User Guide! A recent thread on the forum indicated a need for more detailed, segmented, beginner-friendly learning material. As a result, our team has been writing and recording new tutorials, and we will be publishing this great new content soon. The idea is to have an ongoing, regularly updated resource of tips, tricks, and straight-forward instruction in an easily-accessible format. So Thank You for that feedback, it’s already been put to good use.

Rock and roll,