Makes me sad


There you are! Glad u guys are listening! You know u have an invaluable tool right under your noses, you can leverage the user base to both refine the product and extend your market reach. One thing worries me though, we have been getting the ’ we don’t share the future roadmap’ line since 2016…literally. Different community engagement folks have been saying that for almost 4 years and I can provide the exact quotes if needed. I get the need for discretion but blanket secrecy? No hints, nothing? This isnt the Manhattan project and honestly that lack of willingness to share is losing customers. We literally haven’t seen any developments for a year which is the last time the firmware was updated. That’s a long time and we still don’t know anything. I’m not trying to be harsh but you have to at least be somewhat transparent with your customers or u will lose them like the other gentleman on here who is thinkin of returning his L1. Look at the suggestions topic, there has been a huge amount of input and suggestions which all get the same response 'thanks for your input ’ but then notbing seems to happen. At least give us some idea of what directions you are thinking of going. Who are you beta testing with? Which focus groups are you using if the customer base is not involved. I saw a topic asking if people were willing to be involved in a phone call and I applaud that but i never see a call for beta testing the app or firmware? I appreciate the answer Nd I don’t want to seem ungrateful but this is the same answer we have heard for years where we are told to wait and see. Problem is the more cloak and dagger you guys are with future direction, the more L1’s end up on eBay. I think ive made more posts today than from everyone else for an entire month. Im sure i speak for all l1 owners by saying we want to help but i cant stress enough how critical it is to be collaborative and engaged with your user base, otherwise you run the risk of not having one. Again…this is tough love, I want you guys to succeed. Let us help.


And BTW? This feels suspiciously like copy pasta…hope I’m wrong.


Also to be honest? I can’t inagine the reasons why you aren’t ready to share details of the future roadmap? What are they exactly? Genuinely curious.


Just please reassure me that all this time hasn’t been spent simply updating the user guide and you’ve also focused on the firmware and upgrading the app?


I spent some more time using the Instrument 1 yesterday. I was using it with GeoShred and the Instrument 1 input selection programmed into that App. I found, as was mentioned on another forum post here, that Tap Mode is what works the best at mimicking the way the iPAD buttons in the App behave. I was able to get the sliding to react almost as good as controlling GeoShred from the iPAD. It is very finicky though, sometimes the Instrument 1 seems to lose the fact that I told it to be in slide mode, I’m saving to the 4 preset locations via the pulldown menu. Not sure what is going on here. I want to be able to apply vibrato with my finger to each note like can be done in the App by sliding slightly on the note. Additionally, applying pressure should do something different. The Geoshred App has the appears to have the ability to map things. So I will try that more. I’ll keep working on it.

Jeremy: If you can provide any advice on how to do this, I’d appreciate it.

I love the way the Roli Rise 49 board reacts, however, I’m not very good at keyboard. As most of us do, I want a Guitar oriented product that has the ability to react like that using the latest MPE technology. This may be there, or maybe we need the Instrument 2.


I may be wrong, and I hope I am, but I think we got a copy and paste answer. Hopefully someone comes along and offers some help. I’d still like to know the reasons why they can’t tell us what at least part of future development means for us as customers?


Also u could map polyphonic Aftertouch to vibrato and that might work for geoshred


Thanks Callum I’ll give it a try.


I would use mine a lot more if there was an android app.


You (both I1 users and Artiphon) might be interested in checking out The PolyExpression forum, which covers all sorts of MPE and other expressive controllers (e.g., Eigenharp, Morph, Seaboard, Linnstrument, Joué). There’s a bit of discussion on the Instrument 1, but it hasn’t been super positive. (Although a lot of the complaints are about some of the I1’s physical characteristics, notably the rubber fretboard.)

I would love to see the I1 more opened up—in particular, it would be nice to be able to do things like redefine what MIDI messages are sent by different gestures, assign keys to do other thungs (e.g., use the bridge keys to send MIDI messages that aren’t notes), as well as to be able to create different tunings/note layouts in a more efficient way than the GUI provides. I would also love to see more direct support for various DAWs (e.g., control-surface scripts) to make it easier to map outputs to different functions).

My impression is that all the different expressive controllers have their own individual strengths and weaknesses, but that they can all benefit from keeping an eye on what the others and can do and adopting features that work well with their particular physical features.


Joining the MIDI Association is free; that said, I think that most of the material in the specs is available in some form on the website without an account.


Have you tried setting the MIDI Configuration to MPE Channel Mode instead of the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Channel Mode? GeoShred seems to be using specs from the original INSTRUMENT 1 launch which have since changed a bit, and the MPE Channel Mode could be more responsive and consistent.

When you say that the INSTRUMENT 1 loses the fact that you’re in slide mode, are you saying that it jumps in and out of slide mode? Are notes in GeoShred sliding sometimes, but stepping up and down in others?


Callum, I appreciate your skepticism but I assure you I’m not delivering ‘copy pasta’ :smile:
You’ll just have to bear with us and trust me when I say we’re keeping very busy over here and look forward to sharing updates with you all when that time comes.


You (both I1 users and Artiphon) might be interested in checking out The PolyExpression forum , which covers all sorts of MPE and other expressive controllers (e.g., Eigenharp, Morph, Seaboard, Linnstrument, Joué). There’s a bit of discussion on the Instrument 1, but it hasn’t been super positive. (Although a lot of the complaints are about some of the I1’s physical characteristics, notably the rubber fretboard.)

This was really interesting – thanks so much for the link. They seem to be responding to the I1 primarily as keyboardists coming from ROLI and Linnstrument worlds – whence all the rather strange remarks about the intrusive “ridges” (aka strings), which of course are essential to playing by touch, and the grumbles about having to develop calluses (though in fairness bends on the I1 do take a bit of pressure, and it was rather exciting to feel the return on I1 of that tingle in the fingertips that I hadn’t had since early days with guitar in my teens).

For those interested in digging deeper into I1 MPE settings, I do agree a MIDI monitor is pretty much essential. (On iOS, check out Kai Aras’ MidiSpy AUv3 or the built-in monitor in ApeMatrix.) And Johannes Dörr’s Midiflow is a fantastic iOS tool for customising the I1 or any other MIDI controller; much easier and more intuitive to use than StreamByter/MidiFire. I use the standalone version with the Controller Remapping IAP, but there’s also a utility suite for iOS versions that support MIDI plugins.


This was a fascinating thread. I originally learned about Artiphon when one of the inventors gave a presentation at my company’s design department. I heard about the philosophy of a controller that resembles some familiar instruments, but unlike keyboards or some structure that requires prior training with the format, you could approach this in many new ways.
Personally I’m a pianist and after a few open strums in guitar mode I quickly gave up on that style. I have been LOVING this instrument in tap mode, particularly with a 3x3 note layout or chromatic.
Also, I use the Artiphon app when I boot up the instrument to check my settings and stuff but even on the first day, I assumed this was for settings and updates only, not actual playing.

On iOS I think the Reason Compact app gives you some very interesting sounds and effects. The Roli app is also fun to play with the Instrument.

On the Mac, I did a 30 day trial of Reason 11 and got lost in customizing synths. Now I’m in an Ableton trial figuring out another super complex interface but loving the sounds and playing experience.

I’ll have to decide which one to buy soon, and they’re complicated but worth figuring out as a weekend hobby in my opinion.

I’m just including my experience because it sounds like a lot of feedback is disappointment with the Artiphon app, and I would encourage people to try interfacing with all kinds of software out there.

I would say coming at this with a “beginners mind” is best, because trying to play it like a piano was only frustrating me, and it sounds like to the others here that playing it like a guitar is frustrating too. Make it your own :slight_smile:

Oh and I have plenty of feature requests but this is getting long winded as it is.