Making strings sensitive enough to pick up a light touch? (Instrument 1)


I’ve tried all of the various sensitivity settings (in the iOS app), but none of them seem to actually make the strings more sensitive to be being tapped. I’d like to be able to play with a very light touch (like a capacitative touch screen). Is that possible to set up, or is the minimum pressure needed just a physical limitation of the device?


Yes, the sensitivity settings control the velocity produced by a tap (or trigger movement in strum mode) and the aftertouch produced by a press, rather than the sensitivity of the physical surface to contact. The fingerboard is pretty responsive to light pressures, but as a pressure-based system it’s never going to behave like a capacitative surface, which will actually respond before physical contact is made at all. It would need the sensors to be embedded in the actual strings themselves rather than underneath them; if you watch what happens when you trigger a note with the lightest tap, you’ll see that visible movement of the rubber surface is needed before a note sounds.

The I1 fingerboard is actually a bit more responsive to light touches than, say, the ROLI Seaboard controllers. But a good MPE sound source with well-calibrated velocity response range can go a long way to bridge the gap; something like the famed Liquid Duduk preset in NOISE/Equator can really give the illusion of hardly needing any pressure at all to trigger.



Yeah, I don’t really mean truly as sensitive as a capacitative sensor, just much closer to that than what I seem to get from the iOS app settings. I’ll try reading the raw MIDI events soon to see how much pressure is actually required to get a signal.