Nashville Edition ETA?


Hello everyone,

Who else is waiting on the Nashville Edition of the Instrument One?



Hi Chuck, we sent out an update on the Nashville edition about a week ago. Our sales folks will contact you about this. Thanks!


Me, and looks like a good number of others on the Kickstarter page.


So it’s been a month since you sent out the loaners. Are you guys still working on sending updates on the Nash’s progress?


I have emailed them a couple of times asking status and for a new update and only received a reply on Feb-3rd that one would be sent out in a week or two; that milestone was never met. I have since emailed a couple of times with no reply.


Hello Everyone,

It is now April 08, 2017 and I have not yet received my Nashville Edition Instrument 1. It has been a couple months since any update emails as well. Has anyone who ordered a Nashville Edition gotten any updates?




We are all still waiting. Communication has dried up as well; I sent an email to them a week ago and it is still unanswered. They were supposed to have at least gotten us our case and strap accessories by now, but they have blown that milestone as well. I just want my real instrument already! I have a 5-year old son an am tired of worrying about the loaner getting broken. We paid way too much money to still be waiting!


@jeff.cahhal- I too emailed them earlier this week and have not gotten a response. I am wondering what our options are at this point to get either a refund or the actual Instrument we paid for.


I have sent three emails over the last two months with no answer-that isn’t a good sign. And we haven’t even gotten word of our accessories that we should have had over a month ago. At this stage, I rather just have a refund, but this much lack of transparency usually signifies problems–more than likely financial. Technical hiccups they can fix and give us a timeline on, but running out of funding is a little harder to explain and usually means they go silent for periods of time like they have been. My suspicion is that there have been money issues early on. That would explain the MoMA stock and presales before any of us got our backer rewards–they were selling to make additional money to pay for the production of our backer I1’s.
What kills me is that I had originally contributed for the regular I1, and then I had a last minute change of heart because I thought it was going to be such a great instrument, so I canceled and backed the Nashville. Guess I should have stayed with my first instinct…


We appreciate your concerns. Unfortunately, the timeline for the Nashville Edition is still not known. We have had to revisit quite a few of the production processes involved in its fabrication, and have encountered challenges that prevent us from having a reliable schedule. I know this isn’t the news you were hoping to hear, but it is the current state of affairs.

We will be able to ship the custom hard case and leather strap soon, which will indeed make a very handsome ensemble with the standard edition instrument.

Again, our apologies for not being able to provide the answer you’d hoped for. Please let us know if we can send a standard edition and premium accessories, and I’ll get that lined up.


I personally feel the way you are communicating with Nashville Edition backers leaves a lot to be desired. For example, why did I have to come here to get any type of update on the Nashville Edition I backed? I don’t and never will have a FaceBook account, so I’m not following you there. Why wouldn’t you send this update directly to the Nashville Edition backers via email? I know you have our email addresses separate because at one time you had a conscientious employee there who made an effort to keep us informed. And if your intent is to NOT manufacture the Nashville Edition as promised, just tell us so we can get on with life. I’m pretty sure if Gibson or Fender did business like this when they started, we wouldn’t know those names. I’m sure you’re a bunch of hard working and honest people…all I’m asking is that you be honest with your Nashville Edition backers.


Hi, Bill. We have been sending periodic updates via email, but at present, the production timeline is still not determined. You can always reach us at [email protected] and we can update you with the latest. Thank you for your comment, and your patience. –Jacob


Artiphon should offer customers who paid for the Nashville Edition over two years ago the option of canceling their order and receiving a refund at this point rather than continuing to wait indefinitely.


Artiphon, we need (and deserve!!!) an immediate update on the status of our Nashville deliveries. The last communication from you was almost three months ago and at that time you stated that you would be receiving the premium accessories (case and strap) within the week and would be sending them out the following week with an email stating they were on the way. Three months ago!!! While I could give a crap about the accessories without the instrument, you definitely need to work on meeting your promised obligations. It is one thing to have a “technical issue” with the instrument and need more time, but seriously, accessories?!?

We are giving you more than enough chances to save face here, but you aren’t helping yourselves much!


Man that sucks. I had a lot of high hopes for this device. I have a white one and it’s constantly crashing on Windows PC, the stock software is very barebones, it works great with my iPhone and the apps on it, but I got this for controlling midi software on my PC DAW in a professional studio. Now the forums are a ghost town, rumors about the company flopping and they still haven’t delivered on promises from 2 years ago! What the hell is going on here? Sad.


Just got the same form response from Jacob Gordon this morning about the status of the NE. No change in a year.