New Instrument 1, Firmware Update Taking Long?


I just got the Instrument 1. When I started the App, it updated the firmware to 1.1.10 I think, very quickly showing a progress bar. Then it said update to 1.1.13 and it is taking forever with no progress bar showing on App. Any ideas. Do they have a phone number for support?

How long should firmware update take?

I’ll answer my own question for others who may run into the same issue. I had to use the iOS App to update the firmware. It was at 1.1.10 and it wasn’t showing the User Preset Dots (maybe these came later?), therefore I couldn’t adjust any sensitivity settings. I plugged into the App and it offered me the option to update directly to 1.1.20, which I did, now the Preset Dots show up and everything should be good to go.


Preset Dots now showing in iOS App and Mac App. Good for now.


Hey there! Glad to hear you got the firmware updated and are up and running. For reference, we don’t have a phone number for support, but we respond within 48 hours to inquiries at [email protected]

We also keep tabs on the forum here and will try to answer any questions you have promptly (unless any of our other clever community members beats us to it!)

Out of curiosity, did you cancel and restart the initial firmware update (to 1.1.13) when it was taking too long? Did the second attempt take less time?



Yes I cancelled it and went to the iOS App. Now Strum isn’t working. I have Strum selected. What should I do? I have a support ticket email sent, but would prefer not to wait 48 hours on something that is probably simple.


Hey Dave,

Is Strum not working in any of the default presets? For example, are you finding that Strum remains inactive even when your INSTRUMENT 1 is set to the first default preset (Guitar) or the first dotted preset (Smart Strum)?

Also, just FYI 48hrs is our maximum response time at the Support email address. We typically get back more quickly than that.



It’s working now on the iOS. Let me keep trying. I want to use it in ProTools. It just caused ProTools to lock up and not respond. I had to disconnect the Artiphon from the Computer or else ProTools would not restart after quitting. Once I removed Instrument 1, ProTools started and said it couldn’t find the Instrument 1. Need a Beta Tester?


Now strum is working again in ProTools. Let me keep trying to see what really is an issue or not as I am new to this. I want it to work for me, I can see the potential of this right away. I’m a Pro Jazz guitarist and I think this has the potential of triggering better than Roland or Fishman for entering things into ProTools or Logic. I prefer ProTools after being a long time Logic user but I have a lot of plugins so I don’t necessarily need the free ones in Logic. They are awesome though for those of you in Logic. Maybe once I get going on this thing I’ll upload some ProTools training for Instrument 1.


Nice! Glad it’s working again. Let me know if any other questions arise, and definitely keep us posted if you feel like sharing any ProTools specific (or other) videos you make!


hi guys,

i had the same issue with the 1.1.13 update on a windows 10 maschine.
Very long runing without update the instrument.

i shutdown the instrument and start the program over the Administration/commant.
after i did, the updates roll over the instrument fine.



Just had the same problem . Fix by switching power off and then on again while update screen is active , then it updated quickly with bar showing . (Mac Os Mojave)


Exactly the same here, was worried about powering off in the middle of a firmware update as that is obviously what you are not supposed to do!

But yes 1.1.13 hung with no progress bar, used power button to turn off, then on again and it prompted to start the update again.

Firmware udates seem to only take about a min tops.