Open online class for beginner


Can we have an online class for beginner whoever want to learn and play I1?
Absolutely, the class is for people who never play any instrument.


Yes it will be very good for me to


At last, someone who has the courage I didn’t! There must be others who would adore a ‘Dummies’ type session on the Instrument 1. As someone involved in the original Kickstarter, the only thing that disappointed was the lack of any tutorial. Please, now!!!


I’d consider putting something together. I’m a guitar teacher and I just got my Instrument 1 today. I’m having a lot of fun playing it so far and noticing what it can and can’t do.

What would you all like to get out of a course? (The more specific you are, the easier it would be for me to see what I could do.)

Here’s my website, so you can learn a little about me and my teaching style. I also have a ton of lesson videos on there that go along with my method books, so you can get a feel for it



Something super important would also be getting the most out of MPE as well as tips and tricks for getting as much expression out of various synths and virtual instruments as possible.

I have some trouble with a lot of the technical performance aspects, but have a lot of ways to go about achieving the best expression in both patch building and editing. Happy to offer assistance on this front to anyone interested.


Completely agree. It would be great if the keyboard aspect was explored too. There is definitely a demand for a Dummies-like course or book and I certainly would pay for one.


I am also desperate for some guidance. and would happily pay for a book or course.


Great feedback here, folks. We’re exploring different ways we can get some more intro lessons out there. Who are your favorite YouTube music teachers?


Hi Jacob,
Can I have the link?


This for sure. I’m an absolute beginner in terms of music, but sophisticated with computers. I would love “lessons” or some form of instruction on playing and music theory but based on the Artiphon.

Seems that the Artiphon could be fabulous. It would be great to focus on making music fast using some of the cool features like the auto strumming, 3x3 grid, pads. And not focus on traditional guitar chords to start with.

It would be great to have later lessons on playing guitar like chords that couples to its Midiness and shorter range. All the guitar training software I’ve seen expects analog or acoustic input.

Since I got my Artiphon this week I’ve been searching for Artiphon specific music training and found none.


Well said.
Curious to see such a demand yet no response yet to meet it. Surely Dummies must be looking at it


INSTRUMENT 1 for Dummies!!!


It’s very frustrating that all the videos on the Ariphon site only show “expert” users with little or no Useful Instructions.


I would gladly pay a reasonable price for A proper tutorial covering beginner to advanced MIDI DAW applications.


Hey all! This is a really good idea and we’re currently brainstorming ways to produce some sort of online tutorial material for new users of the INSTRUMENT 1. We’d love your input and feedback as we develop this!

Questions to ponder:

  1. What kinds of hang-ups are you running into getting started with the INSTRUMENT 1, and what would make this process easier for you?

  2. Are the questions you’re running into MIDI specific, Artiphon/INSTRUMENT 1 specific, music related, something else?

  3. Which websites/videos/books have you found that do tutorials well?

  4. Are you looking for a long-form video series? A single in-depth video covering the nuts-and-bolts in greater depth? A text-based document?

  5. Which questions haven’t I asked??

Don’t feel like you have to answer all or any of those questions to chime in here. They’re just a jumping off point.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.



I am really surprised we are at the level of still asking these questions but you have to remember many of us are musical ‘virgins’ and we need support. We need a step by step guide to using the Instrument 1 and to answer 3, Dummies do this very well. We need a text based and video support and , for god’s sake, stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. There are people wanting to pay for this and we are being ignored!


We’re listening! We hear the need for more in-depth, sequenced tutorials. We’re taking it very seriously and your feedback is instrumental (no pun intended, I swear) in that process.

So, text-based and video are important to you. This is good to know. I’m definitely familiar with the Dummies books, and I agree that they do a good job of breaking things down.

Are you interested in courses that are specifically designed for beginners/intermediate/advanced users respectively? Or would you prefer something more like a detailed, searchable repository of information (sort of like a searchable video index)? Something that you as the user could guide yourself. Or both? Or neither??


Text, video and courses for beginners to advanced …It sounds great!
Can we know when it will be happened?


I think we need courses which are structured as to experience. I don’t think people need a music course but they do need to know how they can use an understanding of the device to get what they need out of it. At the moment, there is a bewildering set of settings which make no sense to outsiders so let’s start with the components of strings, keyboards and percussion and explain how each works, what each setting means, sample tunes and ways to advance. It could be split into beginners,intermediate and advanced together with a searchable video index for those wanting to delve in deeper.


We’re working on it and will certainly keep you posted!