Open online class for beginner


Great feedback, Augusta. When you refer to the components of strings, keyboards and percussion are you referring to an in-depth explanation of those particular presets, or how those instruments generally map on to the INSTRUMENT 1?

You mention sample tunes as well. Are you interested in, say, learning a song as a means of learning how to play the instrument?

How would you feel about a settings tutorial that was split up into different sections for each setting parameter? Is that too granular? Would you prefer a larger, single tutorial covering all settings-related information or a series of tutorials that cover very specific, bite-sized chunks of information?

Love the feedback, keep it coming!



The blasé answer is yes. We need an explanation of the presets with examples of how those presets translate to the different instruments. And, yes, one way to learn how to use the Instrument 1 would be to learn a song or tune.
It should start with a large single tutorial covering settings related information and then fine tune down for the various instruments.


Jeremy, there’s lots of material on the main site although some of it is hard to get to. I found some of the links didn’t take me directly to what the link title was. Call me old-fashioned but it would be nice to see a collected set as a downloadable pdf. Each section needs a corresponding video showing what’s going on. That approach can run from the basics to advanced.

You have a videos section with lots of videos, but they’re not titled. Each one should have a text title and brief description. I’ll bet that much of the material is there, it’s just not easily accessible.


Good point Bob.
The ‘literature’ that came with Instrument1 was rudimentary to say the least.


Literature? Don’t know if it’s improved, but all I got was a note saying to check the web site. Mind you, I didn’t really expect much. The trend these days is to point the user to online resources. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to have a quick start guide in the box.


We’re thinking about offline resources, too. We currently have a PDF available, although the information there is limited to the very basics of getting started.

Video content is limited to online use, but would you be interested in seeing more in-depth, text-based user guides as well? In a perfect world, what might that look like to you?



If it’s not already, that PDF should be the minimum that’s in the box with the I1.

People learn different ways. Videos are good to watch but harder to work alongside because you always have to pause to do your own thing. They are good for demonstrating what can be done, or as a “this is what to expect” along side text. Text-based or text and pictures, which could be taken from the video, allow someone to have the steps in front of them and then they can follow at their own pace.

Some people will want to access stuff through a browser. Some will want to use their iPhone or iPad. Some maybe both. For example, I can see a setup where I’m hooked into Garageband on my Mac and want the tutorials on my iPad. Or vice versa.

Of course it depends what you trying to get across and to what level of audience. There are beginners, both to music and instruments. There are beginners to parts of it. For example, I knew how to play a bit of guitar before I got my I1. I knew that midi and synths existed, but not many details. So some of the concepts need to be explained. For example, lots of people on this forum didn’t appreciate that the I1 is a midi controller or if they did, what did that mean.

If you can’t go into detail about some of the things that aren’t I1 specific, at least have links to sites where we can learn at least the basics.

Then of course you have the intermediate to advanced user who understands and can use all the options but needs to know how the I1 does it and where it fits in.


Any updates on training videos, beginning courses, interactive lessons for beginners using/playing on the I1?


Not sure if you’ve been there but look under the Learn menu on the Artiphon web site. I don’t know how new it all is, but it’s more accessible. As well, the Videos menu takes you to the Artiphon YouTube channel.


Yes! We’ve got a new series of videos that will be showing up on the site in the coming weeks. We’ve worked to incorporate the feedback we’ve gotten from you all and I’m excited to get this new content up and running. We’ll keep you posted.


Thanks! Looking forward to see the new content!


At long last! The new INSTRUMENT 1 Step-by-Step Course has arrived : )

I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback you all have, both positive and negative. We designed and built this course based on user comments, so please don’t hesitate to voice any thoughts. The Lesson Notes section is meant to be a living document, so we can add, remove and rearrange content over time as needed. We’ll continue to produce videos of this nature going forward, too, so any suggestions/comments on tone, pacing, etc are welcome and helpful.



Congratulations! I posted some comments yesterday after watching the video. Today I took a brief look at the additional material available. I really like where this is going. Love the idea of chaining additional videos for more in-depth investigation and hope to see more. And having the transcript available is going to help. For example, my hearing is not that great, even with hearing aids, and being able to pause and look up what he said is very helpful.

I would like to see the manual downloadable as a pdf. Sometimes it’s nice to have the book open (on an iPad for example) while you’re watching. I’d suggest this for a reference manual as well if only because it’s hard to ensure that you’ve seen or found everything. On the other hand, I can understand why such a thing would be difficult to maintain.

A small note. The link to Using The Editor is incorrect. It reads and should have one less “/pages”. This appears on the course pages. If you get to the Manual, the link is fine.



Ah thanks for catching that broken link, Bob! Got it sorted out now. I appreciate the feedback from yesterday, too.

A .pdf manual would definitely be useful and that’s not the first time I’ve heard that request either. We’ll work on that. Are you just wanting to view the manual offline, or is it specifically about having a .pdf file that you could print out or load on your iPad/Kindle/etc?

Thanks again!



Re the pdf, I don’t think I’d print it unless there were specific things I needed to make notes on. I would like to keep it handy on my iPad. While one can access the web site from an iPad, it’s rarely as good an experience as from a desktop or laptop. Maybe if I had an 12" iPad Pro, but I don’t.

I’m also looking for reference material, such as various settings that can be used. I’m out of my depth here, but if I wanted to get into midi, I’d want to know how the I1 is sending. Again, sometimes it’s easier to have a page open on the iPad if you’re working on a desktop.


iCab Mobile lets you save the page as a .webarchive; you can then open it in anything that can read .webarchive files, including not only browsers but general reader apps such as GoodReader. It’s really useful for online manuals that don’t offer a PDF; I keep a whole folder of them in GoodReader.


Safari will read and save .webarchive on the Mac. If I was saving a web page, I’d usually do it on the Mac and then transfer to GoodReader on my iPad. Nice to know GoodReader handles .webarchive. It wouldn’t have occurred to me.