Orba connection process via bluetooth midi


Once I receive my Orba, I’d like to connect it via bluetooth over midi for live performance.
Would you describe the connection process in detail so I can decide the best bluetooth to midi adapter to pair with the device?

Also, if you would recommend your best bluetooth midi candidates to make this connection, it would be most appreciated.
I’m considering a CME Xkey, which is why the connection process becomes important to understand exactly how it’s accomplished. (I’m assuming through Orba’s companion software.)


Want are you looking to do by connecting an Orba to a keyboard?


That’s not how I intend it.
I know the CME Xkey is designed for the Air keyboard, but it seems to be an inexpensive (relatively) device that would serve up a generic bluetooth connection to which the Orba would connect…at least that is what I was hoping.
It’s relatively small size would be a plus.


Perhaps a Yamaha UD-BT01 would be a better choice?


I guess I still don’t understand what you want to do. The Orba can be used as a stand alone unit, where you play the internal synth with the Orba as a controller, and as a midi controller, where you use the midi from the Orba to control a synth. Neither of these scenarios seems to fit what you are asking? Are you wanting to use the keyboard to control the Orba’s internal synth?


There is not a keyboard involved.

I’ll try to re-explain.
I simply would like to use Orba exclusively wirelessly and I am trying to discern the best device to make that bluetooth wireless connection, mainly because, I’m hoping to connect to a Pixelbook which I already own. (And I don’t know, but am hoping there would be a Android app to help facilitate the connection, but that may be another topic.)

I’m assuming I’ll need a 3rd party bluetooth device to give me a connection that the Orba would see and use.

Not having an Orba, I fundamentally don’t understand how this works. :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t need any external hardware, so long as you have a Bluetooth MIDI receiver app on your Pixelbook. I don’t know what’s available for Android, but on iOS Korg’s BLE-MIDI has worked with every BT controller I’ve so far thrown at it (including this setup with an Instrument1). You’ll probably want to download anything free that looks promising and just try them in turn to find out which is the most frictionless. Android users here may have particular recommendations, though.


Thanks. I have the app Bluetooth midi connect so I’ll see how that functions when the Orba arrives…someday. :slight_smile: