Pluggable wireless module


Maybe you can design attachable module to replace the cable and the need to be connected to iPad or Computer.

It would be connected to USB port on current Artiphon and would house a piece of electronics which would replace computer. Ideally it can be preconfigure preconfigured in your computer and upload the instruments you would like to use. And also Bluetooth connection to connect with headphones or receiver.

It would give freedom to jam totally mobile by using headphones or instrument speakers.


A bluetooth connection with headphones would have a lot of latency.


Agree… bluetooth is probably not the best choice.

But the main idea is to plug and attache something to instrument that make it mobile and removes the need to have cables attached to it. Like an extension to current instrument.


This is a feature I want as well! MIDI over LE Bluetooth works great for this. Without support built into I1, this can be achieved using a Yamaha UD-BT01. Works great.

Note: I tried the puc+ with I1, but I1 froze on startup. Someone at Zivix investigated and confirmed that I1 is not currently supported. Apparently I1 is a control surface requiring 2-way MIDI but puc+ only works one-way: either IN or OUT. Although I1 works fine with just MIDI OUT, apparently it does not like that puc+ will only work in direction.


I will give it a try and build a prototype from the Raspberry PI. Only problem will be power bank for the battery, but otherwise it can be pretty portable… and probably can use the instruments speakers as output too…


Have you tried it on the Raspberry Pi? Do you need the artiphon software to start?
Or can you use other open source software directly?

I think that although it is very portable to use the iPhone, it is necessary to keep the screen of the iPhone light. So, it is not convenient to put the phone in your pocket, because it is possible to accidentally touch the button during the performance.


This is actually an older thread; Carlos posted a solution in this more recent one which I can confirm works a treat, though in practice I find it simplest just to use a wired connection to (in my case) an iPod Touch in my pocket (but with the screen off).