Power adapter source in UK


Hi there, I’ve lost my power supply in a house move and am trying to either find somewhere to buy one in the UK or find out the exact specs of the adapter so I can get a generic one. I’ve emailed support twice… no reply. Does anyone happen to know the answer to either of these questions please?

Thanks in advance!


Official adapter specs in this thread, and another one that works for me here. Artiphon warn against using anything other than the official adaptor, for which I don’t know of a UK source – but Gear4Music in Nottingham may be worth a shot, as they distribute the I1 and are generally very good.


Cheers Nick, appreciated! Gear4Music don’t have it listed in their site but maybe I’ll give them a shout.


Hey Kris!

We just opened up international shipping on accessories. You can order a replacement power supply (which includes international adapters) here: https://artiphon.myshopify.com/collections/featured/products/ac-adapter

Sorry we missed your support email. There was a small error in our email routing system but we’ve sorted it out!

Let me know if you have any more questions!