Power adapter/supply electrical current draw?


I’m looking into a replacement power adapter and can’t find any information on current draw. Does anyone know the answer to this question? Thanks!


Hi there! You can get more info about replacement 12v AC adapters for your INSTRUMENT 1 by contacting [email protected].

Please make sure only to use the INSTRUMENT 1 with its original power supply or replacement adapters from the Artiphon store, as other third-party chargers may seriously damage your INSTRUMENT 1.


Thanks but so far support has been no help whatsoever. Other than insisting I only use the “approved” adapter, they haven’t answered my specific questions. I’m already getting a used Artiphon so warranty its not an issue anyway. I just want to know what the full and complete specs are, and nobody seems able/willing to give them to me. Power adapters are power adapters. Provided the specs meet the requirements and the adapter is of reasonable quality, I’m not concerned. And clearly I’m OK with whatever risk there might be. Just someone please, give me the full & complete specs.


This thread may tell you what you need, with the usual own-risk caveats (including Artiphon’s standing advice not on any account to do this). I plugged my instrument into the adapter shown by complete mistake in the first instance (too many cables under my desk), happened to get lucky, and now use this one by default, though every time I plug it in I can hear the teeth grinding in Nashville from 4000 miles away. I can also take a picture of the specs on the official one for comparison if you don’t have one available.


Fantastic Nick! Thanks so much! This is precisely what I was looking for. Very much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Oh I just realized I mis-read your post, I thought the picture in the other thread was the official adapter. Yes if you wouldn’t mind, if you could post a pic of the official label for comparison, it would be great to have just to be extra cautious. Thanks again!


No problem! This is the official one:

Power adapter source in UK
Power supply

Excellent, thanks again! Looks like it’s rated at quite a lot of wattage. I can’t imagine the Artiphon could actually pull 18W! Looks like I might just buy an official replacement after all rather than risk it on one I already have. Just hate the idea of paying $30 for a wall wart. Sigh…


Thanks also from me for answering what vanKloot requested. I’m glad to see the power spec has now been revealed