Put sensitivity options in preset settings


The lack of ability to set separate hammer-on sensitivities on different presets significantly limits what I want to do with the instrument! Being able to play the instrument different ways in different positions (like a guitar, cello, and also, just getting weird and customizing it to create new playstyles) really requires being able to fine-tune those adjustments differently. Even just switching between guitar and violin style of holding the instrument changes the amount of force I’m going to be applying to the fingerboard, because I’m physically in a different position.


Hey Dusty,
Unfortunately you’re preaching to the choir… Because the dev’s just aren’t listening! But since you brought it up, yeah in fact I would go one further and suggest( again) that the entire editor is completely reworked so that virtually every parameter is editable not only on a per patch basis, but per string as well. As simple as an advanced edit mode for the power user and a reset to default should anybody mistakenly navigate away from its current toy like status. It’s literally heartbreaking how close the I1 is to being a truly revolutionary instrument.Can I get an amen for pitch rounding… Anybody?


Yes, it’s always seemed odd to me that the various More… settings are global, yet accessed at patch level in the editor; it seems more logical to put them with the other global settings under the Artiphon logo at top right. For what it’s worth, some desktop MPE synths such as Equator allow you to save control responsiveness curves as part of the patch-level settings – not quite a solution to the wider issue, but if you’re interested in seriously pushing the I1’s expressiveness then fine-tuning MPE parameters will have more of an effect than sensitivity and hammer-on settings would anyway.