Reflectance - my new duo original song HIDE


Here is a Reflectance performance of HIDE using the Instrument 1 playing a combination of Wine Glass percussion and a Guitar Harp from the latest set of virtual instruments from Propellerhead’s Reason. My duo partner is playing the pedal steel guitar.


Wow that song was really good. It sounded a bit sad, was it meant to be a sad song? Either way it was really relaxing and beautiful.


Thank you so much. It’s a good question. I do think there is a sad aspect to all the different ways we feel we need to hide. I guess it’s also why we cherish those moments when we can be authentic.


Wow I’ve had that thought but never been able to articulate. Really makes the song more meaningful. Can I ask you go about the songwriting process? Both the instrumentals and lyrics. Either way cool song!


Sure - you can ask whatever you like. This song was inspired by a discussion group where someone turned to me and asked me if I was hiding behind my humor. That bounced around in my thoughts for a while. I thought of all the ways we hide, even subtle ways, and the song is verse by verse looking at different examples of hiding. Then the chorus lays out the idea that I can either live out of shame and fear or I can live my life through love, and as love.

I’ve played this song with a lot of different instrument choices, and this was just one example from a house concert. As long as the instrument doesn’t compete with the vocals a lot of instruments like this plucked sound work really well.

And again, I’m thankful that you liked it!


What a lovely song and message. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: